They warn that giving César Duarte bail represents a flight risk. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive

César Duarte, former governor of Chihuahua, should not be released on bail, as requested by the United States Attorney, a country where he was arrested this July for his alleged participation in crimes such as, diversion of money.

  • The American authority considers that the César Duarte’s bail represents a danger to the community and it can run away.

The denial of bail is rooted in the fear that César Duarte may flee from the authorities. It is planned that Next Thursday, July 30, the former Chihuahuan president attends a videoconference hearing to discuss bail.

  • The prosecutor, Jason Wu, remarked that this case must adhere to the “full vigilance” of the extradition treaty between the United States and Mexico.

César Duarte, what is he accused of?

After concluding his term as governor of Chihuahua, the accusations against him came to light, some made by his successor, Javier Corral, emanating from the ranks of the National Action Party.

César Duarte is accused by the diversion of money that he would have done during his term as president of Chihuahua, and that according to the Local Superior Audit, the amount exceeds approximately 6 billion pesos.

After the accusations and accusations, the Mexican authorities issued arrest warrants against César Duarte, former governor of Chihuahua, who he had a red chip from Interpol to look for him in 190 countries, after detecting irregularities in the public debt of Chihuahua; to date, there are 11 orders against the state president.

César Duarte was arrested last July 8, in MiamiThe United States confirmed this at the time by the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) through its official Twitter account.

With information from agencies.

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César Duarte, former governor of Chihuahua, and who was detained a few days ago in the United States, will not have parole for the moment, they report.