CES 2021: these 5 objects that will change your life tomorrow

Even in a 100% virtual version, the famous Las Vegas electronics show, CES, has not escaped its historic role as a showcase for gadgets and connected devices supposed to improve our daily lives. The context of the Covid-19 pandemic has logically inspired exhibitors and their inventions will easily find users.

We have selected 5 innovations for the general public with great potential.

Maskfone, the mask with integrated hands-free kit


This is innovation with a promising future at least in the short term. No need to remove your mask to take a call and make yourself understood by the other person. The MaskFone includes a microphone and a pair of headphones to connect to your smartphone by Bluetooth. It also allows you to listen to music while controlling the volume directly from the buttons located on the protective mask. And yes, you will have to recharge your mask after 12 hours of use and wash it from time to time after taking care to remove the electronics sewn inside.

> The Maskfone from Binatone (Hongkong), sold on their site from $ 50 (€ 41) + shipping costs.

A precision robot vacuum / cleaner


Sales of these household appliances exploded after the first confinement where everyone was able to appreciate their interior in great detail, including cleaning priorities. This robot vacuum model also includes a vibrating mop that takes off dry marks and a deep washing mode with a second pass in more sensitive spaces such as the kitchen. No need to define areas to be avoided, the innovation of the Roborock S7 is based on ultrasonic detection of carpets that should not get wet in its path. The mop also rises when dirty and returns to its charging base to leave floors clean. The machine is piloted with an application or with voice assistants (Alexa, Siri …) and has three hours of autonomy to go from everywhere.

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> The S7 from Roborock (China), on sale in the spring from € 549.

The autonomous shower enclosure


If you sing in the shower or listen to the morning show on your favorite radio, this wireless speaker has been designed for you. Compatible with all shower systems and shower heads, the Shower Power is attached to it once and for all.

The water passing through it activates a turbine which directly recharges the battery of this Bluetooth speaker.

Its American designer, Ampere, announces an autonomy of 14 hours, so the speaker will continue to broadcast even when the water is no longer flowing or in bath mode.

Made from recycled plastic, this smart speaker received a CES Innovation Award, an award in the home audio category. Economical and ecological.

> The Shower Power by Ampere (United States), on sale from € 65 on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.

The disinfectant device to take anywhere


Intended for the passenger compartment of a car or the interior of a home or school, the MagicFogger releases a fine mist of water that contains a low concentration of hypochlorous acid. It settles on surfaces and disinfects them in a few minutes. The Californian company Scosche has simply included in this electronic device this natural disinfectant already used by surgeons and the food industry to eliminate bacteria and viruses. It is also used as a disinfectant mouthwash at the dentist.

The specialist in connected accessories claims an efficiency of 99.94% on microbes and specifies that it is “100 times more powerful than bleach but 100% organic”.

This gadget has a reservoir and comes with a refill of cleaning fluid.

> The MagicFogger from Scosche (United States), for sale on their official website from $ 80 (€ 65).

A machine to manufacture its household products


No alchemist skills are required to produce eco-friendly cleaning liquid at home. This Blue machine from the start-up WeCleen (Aix-en-Provence) is responsible for mixing from tap water. Just add a patented concentrate made from Camargue salt and alcohol vinegar. An electrolysis process delivers, after about ten minutes, a balanced composition without toxic elements: hypochlorous acid and ‍ caustic soda. According to its designers, the end product cleans, disinfects, degreases and deodorizes all surfaces and materials.

The young shoot brings grandmother’s recipes up to date and modernizes them with this easy-to-use device with its single button.

> The Blue from WeCleen (France) for pre-order on the official website at 129 € for the starter kit which includes the machine and 50 ml of concentrate.

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