CEO Stephan Sturm in an interview

CEO of the medical group Fresenius: Stephan Sturm
Image: dpa

The healthcare group Fresenius has performed worse on the stock exchange than almost any other Dax company. CEO Stephan Sturm explains why this is so and why Putin fans in Russia are treated like all other patients.

Mr. Sturm, in a few days you will meet Fresenius shareholders at the Annual General Meeting, who will probably be anything but satisfied with the share price. Since you took office six years ago, the price has more than halved, while the Dax has gained a good 50 percent. What do you tell them?

I tell them that I am not satisfied with the share price either and that we are working hard to advance Fresenius and thus increase its value.

Why is it?

There is significant skepticism about various long-term investments that we have approached. Be it in home dialysis, be it in the biosimilars business, be it in fertility medicine. These are all businesses that are not yet as profitable in the short term as we envisage in the medium to long term.

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