Central Córdoba defeated Defense and Justice and settled in the semifinals of the Reserve Tournament

El Ferroviario defeated Halcón de Varela 1-0 with a penalty goal by Diego Vasquez 5 minutes into the second half. In the semis they will face Lanús.


Central Cordoba won the pass to the semifinals of the reserve tournament with a triumph by winning Florencio Varela a Defense and Justice by 1 to 0.

The goal was converted from a penalty Diego Vasquez when 5 minutes of the second half were played. The talented attacking midfielder confidently defined the goalkeeper’s left Hawk, Lautaro Amadéwho chose the other suit.

In this way the Railway will face looking to reach the final Lanuswho defeated on penalties Banfield in the classic of southern Buenos Aires.

The garnet It has a sporting advantage for having finished better positioned during the group stage, so the match will be played on its field.



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