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Monday Boğaziçi University Rector Prof. Dr. Naci PearlI visited Both to learn what’s going on at the university and to get to know our professor who has a tremendous career. We met at 11.15 am.

Bosphorus is a very beautiful place as a place. Both the texture of the buildings and the atmosphere of the school warms one’s heart. Indeed, the Bosphorus has a unique spirit.

Let me first introduce you to Mrs. Naci İnci… She graduated from Marmara University in 1987. In 1992 he earned a PhD in fiberoptic sensors from Heriot-Watt University in England. İnci, who did post-doctorate studies in the field of optical communication between 1993-1994 in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, became an assistant professor in 1994 and an associate professor in 1996 at the Department of Physics at Boğaziçi University.

İnci became a professor at Boğaziçi University, Department of Physics in 2005. He served as the head of the department between 2014-2018. He was visiting professor at the University of Stuttgart in Germany, Gunma University in Japan, Technical University in Norway and Heriot-Watt University in England. He worked and conducted research on fiber optics, the physics of nanoparticles and their applications, optical sensors, quantum optics, quantum computing, quantum cryptography…

As you can see, Naci Bey has a worldwide career. He has been at Boğaziçi University since 1994.

First, I asked him about his last car being blocked. “It’s Total Vandalism” said Mr. Naci. “There is a part of the university who does not want peace” he added. “Something bigger is aimed by getting on the car” said. What I understand is that they want to spread the events to other universities, just like in Gezi. Two people were arrested and some students are affiliated with the DHKP-C terrorist organization.

“Well, is there no sanction, so you can’t punish?” said. The Council of State revoked the rector’s disciplinary authority. The rector cannot impose a disciplinary penalty or initiate an investigation. Who is the disciplinary supervisor? Deans, high council members, institute directors…

It has been sent to the dean for action, but the deans do not impose a penalty. Because they did not punish disciplinary crimes, some of them due to neighborhood pressure, some of them ideological reasons. 149 were sent and 35 of them were processed. Huge deans are not doing their job. It’s a pity isn’t it?

To our teacher “How many people did these acts?” said. “Maximum, 100 people at the most crowded moment” said. But after the stampede on the car, the number dropped to 25…

There are 17 thousand students in the Bosphorus, but it is only 20-30 people who carry out the protests. Other students are also uncomfortable with this situation. 30 people try to lock everything but fail. 12 people were detained in the incidents. 4 of them are registered to Boğaziçi University, 8 of them to another university.

A valuable and career teacher like Naci İnci is from Bosphorus for 30 years. Everyone in the school knows Naci Bey. Most of his friends. But if the teacher gives a task, they do not take it. What is the reason? Hodja did not take office during the period of Melih Bulu. That’s their excuse. Even if anyone wants to take a job, other professors at the university immediately put pressure on the neighborhood. Currently, a vice-rector’s office is vacant, but there is no one to take charge. They are really shameful.

There is another interesting situation in the Bosphorus. There are retired teachers at the school. They continue the lessons. They continue to sit in their offices even after they retire. And they are doing everything so that the administration at the university does not work. They put a lot of pressure on other teachers. They are spreading fear. They think they own the university. It’s like school is their father’s property.

To our teacher “How is undergraduate education in Boğaziçi?” said. “Competes with MIT, Harvard, Princeton” said. “But why are things not happening around the world?” I asked. “Western universities have peer pressure” said. He added that everyone is in competition with each other…

I also asked about the housing issue. There were 3,187 students and they placed all of them in dormitories. All students from outside the city have also settled in. Not a single student was left outside.

Naci İnci is a career person who wants to solve every problem with good intentions. But there is also a section that wants to lock the school. Obviously, their concern is not education. They want the system and administration to function at school. 17 thousand students just want education. But 25-30 people want to mix everything up and stretch the atmosphere.

However, whose project it is to block the rector’s car, climb on top of it and create fear, it should be taken care of too…


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