Cell phone gets charged with sweat from your fingers


A new type of patch developed by researchers at University of California was developed, produced Electricity from sweat on the fingertips. Walk even in your sleep Enzyme in the strip electrochemically converts sweat into electricity. An additionally built-in piezoelectric crystal converts it into energy by typing or tapping, for example on a keyboard or mouse.

The energy can can be stored and decoupled in a high-performance capacitor. If the patch were worn consistently for 3 weeks, you could have a Charge mobile phone, as reported by The Times. The researchers hope to further increase this performance.

Power generation even while you sleep

According to the scientists, the fingertips are one of the parts of the body that sweat the most. Every knoll should be over 1,000 sweat glands contain. Tests have shown that the E-patch works during a 10 hour sleep on a single finger almost 400 Millijoule Can generate energy. That would be enough to run an electric wristwatch for 24 hours.

In another test, a subject typed on a keyboard for an hour, thereby generating 30 Millijoule Electricity. If all fingers wear the patch, the energy gain increases by that Tenfold.

With the E-Patch, the developers hope to make wearable electronics more practical, convenient and accessible.

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