Celia Lora shows off her cleavage with a daring cowgirl look

Celia Lora.

Photo: Miguel Larrauri / Reform Agency

Celia lora Not only has he become one of the most controversial celebrities on television, because thanks to the daring uncovers he continually performs, he has also increased his popularity within social networks. And it was precisely with a series of revealing images as he managed to raise the temperature of millions of fans.

The postcards that were shared through his official Instagram account set his photo gallery on fire again, as in them left very little to the imagination.

And it is that the Mexican model brought out her voluptuous curves, this time leaving more than 10 million followers captivated, before whom she was seen with a daring cowgirl outfit with which she showed off her delusional personality very close to the camera.

Wearing a blue shorts that she combined with pink latex top, vest and hat in the same toneThe playmate added a belt with the Playboy logo, making more than 110 thousand users fall in love with her first publication, in which she attracted the gaze showing her pronounced cleavage.

Lying on a pink carpet, it was like the exhausting woman from ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ repeated the dose of sensuality to once again show the beauty of her curvy silhouette, thus achieving another important number of reactions and daring compliments.

But if it is about showing off your figure with exotic costumes, the rocker’s daughter Alex Lora She knows how to achieve it, because previously she had also been seen wearing a tight green latex suit, with which she opened the top to reveal one of her most daring necklines.

While, wearing only a red robe and a boat captain’s hat, Celia Lora left her mouth open when she showed her curves. Image in which he again used the famous bunny logo to make it clear that he still belongs to the club of the most spectacular models who do not hesitate to shed their clothes.

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