In Mexico City (CDMX) parents of Kids with cancer are manifested in the vicinity of the International Airport in order to ask for the supply of medicines for the treatment of their children’s disease.

According to the communications of various organizations in charge of supporting the infants with cancer, the call was open to the general public.

How is the mobilization going at the AICM?

16:52 They add that they will continue in the fight and ask that a national census be carried out to identify where they are doing medicines are lacking so that this no longer occurs.

16:50 The protesters lift the blockade of the Interior Circuit, which also affects the entrance to Terminal 1 of the AICM. They say they are not 100% satisfied. They explain that the drugs will last “for two weeks.”

4:45 PM After more than 7 and a half hours of blockades in the vicinity of the AICM, the authorities of the Insabi they showed the parents of children with cancer the documents that prove that the cancer drugs to some hospitals.

15:35 The parents ask for official documents with acknowledgment of receipt from each one, to make the process transparent, otherwise they will not move and warn that they will take the other direction of the Inner Circuit. The officials promised to deliver these documents to them in 15 minutes.

15:30 The first dialogue between parents of children with cancer and representatives of the Insabi. The authorities affirmed that medicine has already been delivered and that they are doing everything to solve the shortage in the 12 hospitals that they have identified.

15:00 A representative of the Institute of Health for Wellbeing (Insabi) reaches the point of blocking to talk with the parents of children with cancer. The dialogue remains.

14:25 The protesters reiterate that they will not withdraw until they have a response about the arrival of cancer treatments to the country’s hospitals. Some minors accompany them in the demonstration.

14:00 Circulation is closed on the Interior Circuit heading north. The parents of children with cancer from various hospitals maintain the blockade before the diversion to Terminal 1 of the AICM.

The road alternatives are:

  • Oceania Avenue
  • 608 Avenue
  • North axis 1
  • Rio Churubusco Avenue

13:55 Parents of children with cancer go to the Interior Circuit. They seek to block the road due to the lack of response from the authorities.

Photo: Julio Sánchez UnoTV

1:20 PM Omar Hernández, from the Association of Parents with Sick Children, said that they decided to cancel the meeting that was scheduled at 13:30 at the Ministry of Health with the head of Insabi Juan Ferrer. He assured that they will wait for a representative of the Ssa.

13:00 Parents of children with cancer cancel meeting with the head of Insabi and continue to block the AICM. They ask for a public apology from the authorities for breach of commitments.

12:15 Three hours have passed since the blockade in Terminal 1 of the Mexico City International Airport.

Photo: Julio Sánchez

11:41 The Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City reported that the blockade continued in Terminal 1 of the Airport and reiterated that motorists can take as road alternatives: Avenida 608, Avenida Oceanía, Eje 1 Norte and Avenida Río Churubusco.

10:35 Parents of Kids with cancer that manifest and block the AICM they give their first statements to the media. They accuse that there is a shortage of medicines for adult and child patients and added that there is a breach of agreements by the federal government.

9:34 The AICM reported on Twitter that it supports passengers with 10 vehicles in the transfer to Terminal 1.

9:15 Protesters begin blocking the passage of cars on Avenida Capitán Carlos León, at the height of Terminal 1 of the AICM, while the National Guard and the SSC cut traffic to avoid road chaos.

  • The alternative is to use the Interior Circuit and Oceania Avenue.

9:00 Parents of Kids with cancer they get together and begin to show their cards. They are kept on the sidewalk.

8:45 The SSC Road Information Center alerted citizens on Twitter about the presence of the parents of children with cancer in the vicinity of AICM.

8:40 Begin the arrival of elements of the National Guard, 100 CDMX police officers and traffic agents.

8:30 Parents of children with cancer meet in the vicinity of the Gate 2 of the AICMThere are also people from civic organizations. More movement is already being observed.

A few minutes before 8:00 in the morning, the activity in the vicinity of the AICM takes place calmly, since apparently the parents of children with cancer have not been present in the area.

Photo: Julio Sánchez

According to the mobilization agenda, released by the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of the CDMX, the parents of Kids with cancer, and supporters of their struggle, will be present at the Airport Mexico City International (AICM), located on Avenida Capitán León without number, in the Peñón de los Baños neighborhood in the Venustiano Carranza mayor’s office, at 09:00 hours.