After the delicate head surgery, the fourth since he was hospitalized in critical condition following the dramatic accident of 19 June, Alex Zanardi spent a quiet night in the neurosurgical intensive care unit of San Raffaele in Milan: hospital in which the former pilot was transferred, after a short stay in the specialist center of Villa Beretta, in Lecco.

Alex’s clinical picture

Zanardi’s conditions, a few hours after the new operation (necessary for the treatment of some late complications due to primary head injury), are currently still stationary, but authorize the specialists of the Milanese institute who are following him to be cautiously optimistic about improving the clinical picture. The stable values ​​of the handbike sample are in fact seen as a positive signal by the team of doctors who, day after day, monitor the condition of the 53-year-old from Bologna.

His wife and son Niccolò always by his side

One should not exaggerate with optimism but at the same time not even fall into the worst pessimism“meanwhile, in the past few hours,” Corriere della Sera “, Robusto Biagioni: the emergency doctor of the saved the life of the emilian champion giving him first aid after the accident. Supported virtually by all Italian fans, his wife Daniela is meanwhile facing this delicate moment with anxiety and great courage. Always close to her husband, ever since that damned crash against a truck near Pienza and the subsequent emergency hospitalization at the Policlinico Le Scotte di Siena, in the past few hours the woman also had her son Niccolò by her side: arrived in Milan, after having returned to his home in the province of Padua in recent days.