Caution! Stiftung Warentest finds harmful substances

Stiftung Warentest took a closer look at chicken nuggets. She found harmful substances in some products, but one was negative because of its taste.

Chicken nuggets are not only popular with children. The Stiftung Warentest also likes the chicken pieces – at least every second of 20 tested products (“test” issue 2/2022).

Nine products were also rated “satisfactory”, one was only “sufficient”. 15 classic chicken nuggets and five vegetarian or vegan substitute products were tested.

Chicken nuggets: These are the test winners

The test winners were the comparatively expensive products “Chicken Chips” from Bofrost (1.7) and “Chicken Nuggets” from Bio Cool (1.9). Among the nugget alternatives, “Vegane Mühlen Nuggets” from Rügenwalder Mühle (1.8) performed best.

However, the testers also discovered chemical ester compounds in some nuggets, such as Iglo’s “Chicken Nuggets” (“satisfactory”) and American Style’s “12 Chicken Nuggets”. Ester compounds convert in the body to 3-MCPD, which is considered a possible carcinogen.

The laboratory found mold toxins in another product; In addition, two vegetarian variants were contaminated with too much chlorate. Too much chlorate can inhibit the body’s absorption of iodine.

This product was the worst performer

In the end, however, the taste was what counted most for the testers: The “Classic Nuggy” from Mekkafood scored “sufficient” because they were not able to convince in this test point. “They tasted strongly of the breading, some of which still ran through the boiled sausage-like meat,” was how the testers described it. However, they could hardly taste the chicken.

A total of 20 frozen nuggets products were tested, five of which were non-meat variants. The sensors played the most important role in the overall assessment. But the grades in the categories of microbiological quality, nutritional quality, pollutants, declaration and user-friendliness of the packaging were also included in the judgment.

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