How Covid viruses take command

A structural analysis with machine learning reveals tactics of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Surprising findings came to light.How does the SARS-CoV-2 virus manage to evade the immune system and replicate in the cells of patients? To clarify this question, an international research team with the participation of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has compiled the […]

Latent infection: Ebola outbreak caused by reactivated virus

How this comes about, however, is completely a mystery. The causative agent of Ebola fever is an RNA virus that lacks the molecular machine to translate into DNA – which would be necessary for incorporation into the genome. And without this it is not plausible how an RNA virus survives in the body for several […]

Intestinal bacteria affect joint health – healing practice

An expert in rheumatology and immunology explains the connection between gut bacteria and joint problems and how diet influences this process. (Image: nobeastsofierce / Why diet affects rheumatic diseases The microbiome in the intestine, colloquially known as the intestinal flora, has far-reaching effects on the overall health of humans, as studies in recent years […]

AMZ® MÖDLING offers COVID-19 antibody tests directly in the company

Antibody tests create security in the company – tests for 15 or more employees directly on site Mödling (OTS) – The corona vaccinations were and are still the greatest hope for entrepreneurs to prevent further lockdowns. „A quantitative corona antibody test is necessary in order to be able to prove that the vaccination has been […]

A separate room for essential genes

Many developmental genes individually occupy DNA loops Sections of genome with common tasks are often found together in loops of a DNA strand. In many of these spatially strictly defined areas, however, there is only a single gene – preferably one that is of outstanding importance in the development of the embryo. There the genes […]

Chalk Teeth In Children: Big Worries With Small Teeth

Plus When teeth discolour in children, often painful and crumbling when brushing, we speak colloquially of chalk teeth. The number of children affected is increasing sharply. The causes have not yet been clarified. Last update on Thursday, September 16, 2021, 2:59 pm More and more children have MIH spots. © ZMK Kirchmair By Sabine Strobl […]

Liver proteins can trigger Alzheimer’s

pte20210916001 Medicine / Wellness, Research / Development Beta amyloid creates buildup – changing your eating habits may help Image of the hippocampus of an “Alzheimer’s mouse” (Image: John Mamo, Bentley (pte001 / 09/16/2021 / 06:00) – Amyloid proteins produced in the liver can contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. This assumption has been confirmed by researchers […]