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Dieter Thomas Heck is dead

The show master Dieter Thomas Heck is dead. The long-time presenter of the “ZDF Hit Parade” died on Thursday at the age of 80. The media lawyer Christian Schertz announced on behalf of the family.

The show master Dieter Thomas Heck is dead. The long-time presenter of the “ZDF Hit Parade” died at the age of 80. In total, “Mister Hitparade” was on stage for 50 years.

Heck had one of his last major public appearances in February 2017 when he was awarded the Golden Camera for his life’s work. In contrast to before, he looked tired.

Ten years earlier, after half a century in show business, he had hosted his last shows. He also put his biography on the market. Occasionally he still appeared as a guest on television shows and was also on stage as a singer.

“Here is Berlin”

His media career began in 1961 when Heck, whose real name was Carl-Dieter Heckscher, was discovered as a singer by Peter Frankenfeld in the young talent show “Toi-toi-toi”. In the same year he started as a speaker at what was then Südwestfunk (SWF) in Baden-Baden and worked as a disc jockey for Radio Luxemburg.

However, Heck became a television star with the “ZDF Hit Parade”, which he presented a total of 183 times live from Berlin from 1969 to 1984. His greeting of the audience with the words “Here is Berlin” became legendary.

Dieter Thomas Heck Dieter Thomas Heck

Source: ARD / tagesschau.de

Storm in a water jug

It’s making the buzz on Facebook. A post for a carafe of water billed at 10 francs in a restaurant in Martigny with the hashtag # àjamaisletiebreak was shared 4,268 times in a few hours! Not enough to sink the bistro, but enough to tarnish a reputation.

The grievers let go

Used more and more as a shouting – see a dishing out – social networks make it possible to settle accounts on the spot. If until now the customer was king (or should have been), from now on he can play the bully. Sanction or glorify.

Dany Maillard (the author of the post) does not invent anything. He even publishes proof of his anger. On the ticket, 4 menus at 25 francs, a Parisian, a spaghetti, a coca at 4 francs and a carafe of water at 10 francs.

4268 Internet users have followed suit. Some commented on the info. In a brutal way sometimes: “I will have urinated in the decanter by the end of the evening.”

“It’s shocking indeed we will not avoid this troquet me who often takes tap water is not cool.”

Some took the time to qualify, “there were 6 of them and only drank one Coca-Cola! So it is normal to charge for the carafe. “

Discover the entire article in our digital and print editions of Saturday, October 1.

Stefania Pinnelli is the new director of the School …

Following the retirement of Philippe Morand, scheduled for the end of this 2015-2016 season, the Martigny Theater School and the Alambic Theater have just appointed their new director in the person of Stefania Pinnelli.

Born in 1976 in Friborg, of dual Swiss and Italian nationality, Stefania Pinnelli is an actress and director, for theater and cinema. She teaches at the Martigny Theater School in the MSa / pre-professional section, signs several staging as well as the dramaturgy of certain shows, including in particular the last singing turns of Yvette Théraulaz, “Histoires d’elles”, “Comme vertigo ”and“ My Barbara ”.

Challenges to take up

In charge of the 2016-2017 programming of the Alambic Theater and the Theater School, she is preparing for the challenge of showing new premises as well as the new room of the Alambics, to retain an ever-increasing audience, to expand the ‘offers theater lessons, to create contacts with other schools and to develop the specialized maturity section, performing arts orientation, in conjunction with the Martigny School of Business and General Culture.

Find the full article in our paper and digital editions on Wednesday.

Grolley station continues to change

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The new rails are subjected here to the law of the “tamper”, a machine which raises and stabilizes the tracks to the millimeter. © Charles Ellena
The new rails are subjected here to the law of the “tamper”, a machine which raises and stabilizes the tracks to the millimeter. © Charles Ellena
The old Grolley station building was destroyed at the end of July. It will give way to a brand new infrastructure. © DR
The old Grolley station building was destroyed at the end of July. It will give way to a brand new infrastructure. © DR

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CFF • Work on the Grolley station is progressing well. The site is a key stage in the work in progress on the Friborg – Yverdon-les-Bains line aimed at adapting the stations to the arrival of the Friborg RER. CFF is investing 50 million.

nicole rüttimann

A stage against the clock is played at Grolley station. About forty workers are hard at work on the site, their silhouette standing out between mountains of gravel, while a machine weighing several hundred tons delicately grasps the rails, “stuffs” the ballast under each section and them. fixed to the nearest millimeter. Structural work and precision, work that reflects the objective sought by CFF, presented to the media yesterday during a visit to the Grolley site. In view of the introduction, in December 2014, of the half-hour rate of the Friborg RER on the Friborg – Yverdon-les-Bains line, they are adapting platforms and access. A total of nine projects are underway on this line.

In Grolley, the works to renew the tracks and modernize the ha

Birth at La Garenne Zoo – News

The employees of the animal park of La Garenne had a real surprise this Thursday, February 16 when they discovered a brand new egg in the nest of Helios and Althia, the couple of bearded vultures residing at the famous zoo of Le Vaud. However, a brooding lasting two months on average, it will still be necessary to wait before knowing if the egg is fertilized. Hoping that La Garenne will soon take a new chick under its wing …

Modigliani and the Paris School – Pierre Gianadda Foundation

The fruit of a fruitful collaboration with the Center Pompidou in Paris, this large-scale exhibition brings together some seventy masterpieces representative of the tradition of painters and sculptors of Montmartre and Montparnasse. Around the emblematic figure of Modigliani, many artists of the Parisian avant-garde are in the spotlight. Works by Matisse, Derain, Zadkine, Brancusi, Picasso, Chagall, Utrillo, Gris, Soutine, Dufy, Léger and many other representatives of the Paris school will propel you to the beginning of the 20th century in a cosmopolitan capital overflowing with talented creators.
(Visual: Modigliani – Maternity, 1919 / Oil on canvas, 130 x 81 cm / Collection of the Center Pompidou, Paris)

Or? Pierre Gianadda Foundation, Martigny

When? From June 21 to November 24, 2013, every day 9 am-7pm

How? Adults: 20 fr., Seniors: 18 fr., Students up to 25 years: 12 fr., Family: 42 fr.

Audrey Hepburn exhibition in Morges – Agenda

She lived in Switzerland, in Tolochenaz. This funny face has especially kissed Fred Astaire under the complicit eye of Stanley Donen, took the accent of a great lady at Cukor and dreamed at Tiffany’s… To pay tribute to Audrey Hepburn, the municipality of Morges is devoting two exhibitions to her (including one at the Forel Museum), a new documentary, film screenings and even a show…. Gold bars or rather, diamonds on the sofa!

Or ? Alexis Forel Museum, Grand-Rue 59, 1110 Morges, tel. 021 801 26 47

When? From March 17 to November 25, 2012, Wednesday to Sunday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

How ? Adults 10 fr., Children 4 fr.

More info www.foraudrey-morges.ch

Restaurant Gypsera – Activity – Loisirs.ch

A very simple and bright restaurant a stone’s throw from Lac Noir. The specialty: the pierrade. Beef, horse or deer meat is served on a stone at 300 °. It’s up to you to finish cooking as you prefer. A dish to accompany sauces, fries and a good mixed salad.