Update the frequency of the new Scar TV channel 2021 “horror” for the month of July on Nilesat

Updating the frequency of the Scar TV channel, you can now get the frequency of this channel through the following article, after the search rate for this channel that shows non-Arab films in addition to being translated and foreign has increased, and a lot of great efforts are being made in order to These films are shown to everyone.

Scar TV channel frequency update

Everyone can watch this different artwork after the translation has been added to it and after the scenes that are not appropriate with the community have been deleted, as one of the features provided by the channel is that it erases scenes that are largely outside and that may harm many people. Viewers because as we said and we know that culture is different from one country to another.

The frequency of the Scar TV channel

Now you can download Scar channels on the frequency that we will explain, and then you will get a set of distinctive films that provide the channel to all followers in a short time, and the frequency is:

  • ١١٥٤٦
  • Polarization: horizontal.

Scar TV channel

Among the various Egyptian channels that were and still are among the most important of these channels, which are specialized in various foreign films and horror films, so you can get the channel through some things, which is the frequency as explained, but you must realize that the presence of the Scar channel It is one of the distinctive things in the channel, and for this reason, this channel can be one of the most important channels and always seeks the interest of viewers and ancient audiences.

Scar Channel Features

When you watch this channel for the first time, you will realize the many advantages that it has over other channels, and you will also cover that yourself through the different films shown on it.

the legendary Jodie Foster will receive the Palme d’honneur



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France 2

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American actress Jodie Foster will be honored this year with the Palme d’honneur at the Cannes Film Festival. This award pays tribute to the legendary star and his long and successful career.

At 58, American star Jodie Foster has already had a 55-year career. She will receive at the Cannes Film Festival, which opens Monday, July 5, a Palme d’honneur.

Child star, Alicia (her real name) started her career at the age of 3 in Los Angeles (United States). She first shoots commercials, television series and films for Disney. At 12, she played the role of a young prostitute in Taxi Driver, by Martin Scorsese: a role that changes his life. She already caused a sensation at the age of 14 at the Cannes Film Festival. She then gave her first interviews in very good French. The young girl learned the language at the French lycée in Los Angeles. Jodie Foster then continued her studies at the prestigious Yale University.

Committed to gender equality, the actress chooses roles of strong, resilient women, like Clarice Starling, the FBI intern who faces Hannibal Lecter in Thesilenceofthelambs. This role will earn him a second Oscar. In Cannes, this year, she returns in Designated Guilty, by Kevin Macdonald, where she plays the lawyer for a Guantanamo prisoner, played by Tahar Rahim. Jodie Foster, mother of two sons, revealed her homosexuality in 2013. She has been married for seven years with a photographer.

ITV ditches claim about Prince William’s staff planting stories about Harry from ITV documentary

ITV ditches claim about Prince William’s staff planting stories about Harry from brothers-at-war documentary at the 11th hour amid fears it was ‘defamatory’

  • Omid Scobie, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s biographer, suggested palace sources briefed newspapers over concerns about Prince Harry’s mental health
  • Prince Harry had spoken with journalist Tom Bradby in 2019 where he admitted to a rift with his brother for the first time
  • Scobie has now said a negative spin was put on that interview by palace sources
  • Claims were cut from ITV’s documentary ‘Harry and William: What Went Wrong?’

Claims that Prince William and his staff planted a story about Prince Harry’s mental health were cut from a documentary at the 11th hour yesterday after warnings that they were defamatory.

Omid Scobie, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s biographer, had suggested palace sources briefed newspapers over concerns about Harry’s state of mind following an interview he gave.

Harry had spoken with journalist Tom Bradby in 2019 where he admitted to a rift with his brother for the first time. And Mr Scobie has now said a negative spin was subsequently put on that interview by palace sources.

The claims were due to be aired in ITV’s prime-time documentary ‘Harry and William: What Went Wrong?’ which was broadcast last night. But at the 11th hour the claim was cut from the show.

Claims that Prince William and his staff planted a story about Prince Harry’s mental health were cut from a documentary at the 11th hour yesterday after warnings that they were defamatory

Kensington Palace is believed to have contacted the producers in relation to a ‘number’ of details. One of these was a clear rebuttal of Mr Scobie’s suggestion that William had expressed a ‘concern’ about his brother’s mental health, which the author had no evidence to support.

William is a dedicated campaigner on mental health issues and would take a dim view of any suggestion that he or his staff would brief about that.

It is understood that after ‘carefully considering’ the palace’s request, ITV chose to remove any reference to mental health from the sequence, although they chose to keep in Mr Scobie’s comment about an alleged briefing from Kensington Palace relating to Harry.

Omid Scobie, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's biographer, had suggested palace sources briefed newspapers over concerns about Harry's state of mind following an interview he gave

Omid Scobie, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s biographer, had suggested palace sources briefed newspapers over concerns about Harry’s state of mind following an interview he gave

Harry told ITV¿s Tom Bradby that he and his brother ¿were on different paths¿ in 2019. In the same programme, Meghan revealed to Bradby (pictured) that she was ¿surviving, not thriving¿

Harry told ITV’s Tom Bradby that he and his brother ‘were on different paths’ in 2019. In the same programme, Meghan revealed to Bradby (pictured) that she was ‘surviving, not thriving’

The original 2019 ITV documentary, filmed in Africa during the couple’s last official tour for the Royal Family, saw Harry admit to Bradby that he did not see his brother much any more while Meghan accused the royal household of failing to support her.

Mr Scobie, co-author of the flattering Finding Freedom biography of the Sussexes, is seen by some as a cheerleader and unofficial spokesman for the couple.

In the original version of last night’s documentary, he suggested that palace sources briefed the Press about Harry’s mental health in the aftermath of the Bradby programme – possibly on William’s orders – a situation he described as ‘ugly’. But Kensington Palace warned ITV that such a suggestion, if it formed part of the ITV programme, would be defamatory in that it was substantially untrue.

At the time of the Bradby interview, royal insiders made clear they felt it was an inappropriate line of questioning by the journalist and were at pains to point out that William had been distressed and concerned to see his brother so upset.

But there was absolutely no mention of his mental health. William has done a lot of mental health campaigning, and helped to set up the royal Heads Together project to promote better understanding on the issue.



Thalía ‘delights’ on July 4 with ‘great body’ on Instagram, El Siglo de Torreón

To celebrate the Independence Day of the United States, the Mexican singer, Thalía dazzled her more than 17.7 million followers on Instagram with some photographs wearing a themed swimsuit of the date.

“I cleaning the pool ready for the celebration. How are you going to spend it? Who will do the barbecue? Happy 4th of July!”, He wrote in one of the two publications.

In the images, 49-year-old Thalía wore her figure in a white, red and blue swimsuit with the well-known stars of the American flag.

In addition, she was industrious when cleaning the pool for the celebration with a drink in hand.


André van Duin found comfort in music André Rieu after the death of his husband

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Love Island, Rebeca and Wolf are the winners of the first edition

Rebeca and Wolf win the first edition of Love Island Italia, the reality show hosted by Giulia De Lellis.

It’s time to find out which one couple conquered the audience of Love Island Italia, taking home the rich prize money up for grabs. Rebeca e Wolf I’m there most loved couple del rreality show hosted by Giulia De Lellis, and the handsome yoga enthusiast model surprises everyone with an unexpected decision.

Love Island, Rebeca and Wolf win

We have come to the Finale of the first edition of Love Island Italia, after a month of forced coexistence in the beautiful and luxurious villa in Gran Canaria, which was the setting for hot moments and furious quarrels between Lovers of reality show, led by Giulia De Lellis. The public decided to reward three couples in particular, namely those formed by Wolf e Rebeca, Monica and Denis, Antonino and Cristina. Between ups and downs, everyone seems certain that they have found their soul mate and want to continue this knowledge even away from the cameras.

The from Lellis enters the villa for the last time, retracing the steps at couples their most intense moments waiting to meet the winners. Wolf e Rebeca I’m there most loved couple by the public, who gives them the first place in the standings and the respective prize money of 20 thousand euros. Wolf is chosen to draw one of the envelopes, which allow the couple to exit the program together by dividing the loot, or to go out together but enrich the pockets of a single competitor.

Wolf chooses to split the prize pool with Rebeca and his gesture could not be more appreciated, since the young model in this way also sanctions the love he feels for his Rebeca. Are you happy with the result of the final?

Love Island Italia waits for us every day on Discovery + and in reply at 20.25 on Real Time.

Sex horoscope: What are the fiery signs of the zodiac? | Chronicle

Within astrology, the zodiacal signs are characterized by their place in the sky, affected by planetary movements in their daily life. With each sign expressing different qualities, it is natural to wonder about the sexual tendencies that indicate the stars. These are the 6 most passionate signs of the zodiac:

6th: Gemini

The air sign enters the bottom of the ranking, but its incredible versatility in bed. With a large capacity of conversation Y play, Gemini nights are fun, charming, and playful. There is no dull moment with them.

They tend to need a mental connection Before taking action, they prioritize open conversation about desires to generate a space of trust and sensuality. Their sex life is varied, they seek new experiences and they do not escape the challenges.

5th: Sagittarius

Similar to No. 6, Sagittarius’ priorities are having a good time. Always willing to go the extra mile, loves to have adventures and go for new experiences. Preferring enriching experiences that expand their knowledge, it is not so engaged in bed.

It is this freedom that makes Sagittarians good companions. Experienced and confident, you’ll know what to say to establish trust and what to play to please your bedroom counterpart.

4°: Libra

Always considerate and considerate, Libra will put his lover first in and out of bed (even if it means leaving your own satisfaction behind). Material displays of affection, such as a good meal and a good talk, are the ways in which you set the environment for a sexual encounter.

Being an air sign, the communication it is vital for this sign. Listening to the opinions of the other will be important to maximize the experience.

What do the stars say about the sex of the zodiac signs?

3°: Aries

With a high libido, Arians they are always ready to jump on the bed. Thanks to its large number of Energy they are fully devoted to their lover and never seem to want to stop.

They like to keep things interesting, but they can lose interest easily. Simple and dedicated, they go for what they want without hesitation and they like it be in charge.

2nd: Taurus

Second in the ranking, Taurus focuses on the here and now. Whether it is a temporary encounter or a lasting relationship, you will seek to build pleasure to a slow pace and always keep a deep connection with your partner.

Focused on enhance the sensations, everything that precedes sex will be to build the ideal environment. A good meal and a wine, a perfume; Even the smallest detail will help to exalt the senses and bring the meeting to the full.

Each sign is different in bed, but which one is the best?

1st: Scorpio

At the head in passionate matters, Scorpio mixes sexuality and energies to hypnotize the other. Pushing the limits of the conventional, Scorpio encounters seek to conquer the heart and body of their lover.

Linked to death and changes, this sign sees sex as a way to expand its energy and prove itself through the pleasure of the other. Mystical Y transformative are the characteristics of the sex of the most passionate sign of the zodiac.


Mey Scápola recounted how hard it was to share the cast with Darthés: “It was very difficult”

May Scápola He related how hard it was to share a cast with Juan Darthés, in 2018, in the months before the actor was criminally and publicly denounced by Thelma Fardín for “aggravated sexual abuse” at the end of that year and fled in search of protection to his native country, Brazil, where he currently remains.

And it is that the actress worked with Darthés in “Simona”, daily strip that was emitted the mentioned year by The thirteen, and recognized the importance of holding back among colleagues, as Romina Gaetani Y Ana Maria Orozco. Since all were aware of the accusations of Calu Rivero for harassment, in the novel “Sweet Love”; accusations to which testimonies such as those of Anita Co Y Natalia Juncos placeholder image.

“It was difficult, working with a person that one knew they were about to report was difficult, each one had their position. Calu I had already spoken. It was not easy, it was not pleasant, “he told Juan Etchegoyen in Mitre Live.

It was always clear to me that I believed Thelma, Calu, but hey, it was a place where one went to work. I remember there were those who said ‘if you don’t like it, don’t go to work’ but, Why do women have to revictimizarnos? Above that you are a victim, you have than to leave your job because there is an accused person?“, highlighted Scápola, protagonist of the play” Nudes “.

The actress recalled that one day Darthés gathered all the workers present in the studio to speak. “He called all the people in the cast, luckily I was not there, and I think he said if there is something that bothers me I take a step to the side,” he said. “It was weird to get him out, it was weird that he didn’t leave. It was all very difficult,” he concluded.

On December 11, 2018, Thelma Fardin, accompanied by the collective Actrices Argentinas -which is reporting on the progress and news of the case- in a press conference on the stage of the Multiteatro, formally denounced Darhés under the slogan “Look how we get”, since then continues his cause in Justice.

In this note:


Michelle Salas’s sister joins risky fashion and wears her bikini upside down

Michelle Salas has been in the public eye practically since she was born, this thanks to her mother’s fame and the complicated family history with Luis Miguel, but now, the young woman is making headlines on her own, because with her beauty and talent she has earned a place in the world of modeling; However, on this occasion it was his sister who caught the attention of the public, as she dazzled everyone with her style in bikini.

© Provided by Fama

Camila Valero, Stephanie Salas’ youngest daughter, has already done some acting and modeling work, so on social networks she has more than 100,000 followers and now she has impressed them with a photograph in which she can be seen with her hair down. , sunglasses, a white necklace, white kimono with flower prints and a pink bikini with white, but did not use the swimsuit in a conventional way, as it was added to an unexpected fashion that has been triumphing this season and he used it backwards.

In the same publication, he appears brushing his teeth with this same look while he is in charge of mixing music: “Did someone say multitask?”, He wrote to describe the images in which he shows his striking look.

The publication of Michelle Salas’s sister received more than two thousand likes and comments from followers and some celebrities such as Dario Yazbek, Camila Fernández and her mother, Stephanie Salas, who did not miss the opportunity to flatter her: “I loved”, “How beautiful”, “Hey you, beautiful”, “Beautiful Camila” Y “I am touched with your seductive charm”, are some of the comments that can be read.

Who is Camila Valero?

Stephanie Salas is the mother of two daughters, the eldest is Michelle Salas, who was born as a result of a romance between the actress and the singer Luis Miguel and years later she received Camila Valero, her second daughter.

Camila Valero was born on January 7, 1997, she is the daughter of Stephanie Salas, the musician Pablo Valero and from a very young age she was related to the world of entertainment, as she is also a great-granddaughter of the diva of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, Silvia Pinal , so as a child she started modeling and acting.

At age 10 he appreciated in Bizbirije and when he came of age he moved to the United States to study theater at New York University. At the end of her career, she was invited to appear in various projects such as the movie Twice you Y Perfect strangers, where he shared credits with Ana Claudia Talancón, Cecilia Suárez, Manuel García Rulfo and Bruno Bichir, among others.

He has an excellent relationship with his sister Michelle Salas, because every time they can see each other to live together and show it on social networks, he has also not hesitated to defend her when she has been involved in controversy, such as when her image was used for the biographical series of Luis Miguel.

Dina El-Sherbiny achieves the lowest revenue in the cinema, and Tamer Hosni leads my lady

The star, Dina El-Sherbiny, came to the bottom of the list of Egyptian cinema revenues, after her movie “One Second” achieved only 566 pounds, out of a million and 525 thousand pounds, which is the total revenue of Egyptian films yesterday, to become the first candidate to leave cinema halls this week, but Dina will remain in competition with the introduction of Her new movie “Some Don’t Go to the Ma’zoun Twice” starring Karim Abdel Aziz.

One second movie poster from the official page of the producing company on Facebook

Egyptian cinema revenues were greatly affected by the heat wave, and most of the revenues went to the movie “Mesh Anna” by the star Tamer Hosni, which achieved one million and 367 thousand pounds, and starring Majid Al-Kadwany, Sawsan Badr, Hala Shiha, the film is a story, script and dialogue by Tamer Hosni, directed by Sarah Wafeeq.

Poster for a movie, Not Me, from Tamer Hosny’s Facebook account

While the movie “Ahmed Notre Dame” achieved 63,000 pounds, starring the artist Ramiz Jalal, the artist Ghada Adel, Bayoumi Fouad, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, written by Loay El-Sayed, and directed by Mahmoud Karim.

Ahmed Notre Dame movie poster via Ramez Jalal’s Instagram account

In the third place came the movie “Mama is Pregnant”, written by Louay El-Sayed, directed by Mahmoud Karim, starring Laila Elwi, Bayoumi Fouad, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Mohamed Salam, Nancy Salah, Hoda El-Etreby, Sherif Desouky, Hoda Majd, Sami Maghawry, Badria Tolba and Sarah Abdel Rahman. He earned 44,000 pounds.

Poster for the movie Mama is pregnant from Laila Elwi’s Instagram account حساب

The movie “Dido”, starring Karim Fahmy, ranked fourth, with revenues of 48 thousand pounds, and co-starring Mohamed Tharwat, Hoda Al-Mufti, Bayoumi Fouad, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Ahmed Fathi, written by Karim Fahmy and directed by Amr Salah.

Dido movie poster from Karim Fahmy’s Instagram account

At the bottom of the list is the movie “One Second”, starring Dina El-Sherbiny, Mustafa Khater, Bayoumi Fouad, Ola Rushdi, Fathi Abdel Wahab and Ahmed El-Fishawy, written by Mostafa Hamdi and directed by Akram Farid. 566 pounds.

It is expected that Egyptian cinemas will witness the release of a new group of films to participate in the Eid al-Adha season 2021, most notably Al-Arif by Ahmed Ezz, Ahmed Fahmy and Carmen Basibis, and some do not go to the authorized twice for Karim Abdel Aziz and Dina El-Sherbiny.

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