Cases of monkeypox

Published on 21.05.2022

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Europe » Eleven new cases of monkeypox have been identified in the UK, UK Health Minister Sajid Javid said yesterday. This brings the number of infected people in the country to 20.
The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) “confirmed eleven new cases of monkeypox in the UK,” Mr Javid tweeted, saying he had informed his G7 counterparts. “Most cases are mild and I can confirm that we have made available more doses of effective monkeypox vaccines,” he added.
Cases of the disease have also been detected in Portugal, Canada, the United States, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Germany and France.
In the United Kingdom, with the exception of the first case – the infected person had recently traveled to Nigeria, in West Africa where this viral disease is endemic -, the patients were infected in the country.
In addition, several cases have been identified in people identifying themselves as “homosexual, bisexual or men who have sex with other men”, according to the UKHSA. ATS/AFP

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