Cascading departures, rumors, audiences at half mast … what is happening at Europe 1?

“I wonder if I will not also leave …”, breathed Thursday a voice of Europe 1, which had however had assurances to continue in September. While the season is due to end on July 2, nothing is going well in the building on rue des Cévennes, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Departures are increasing, not necessarily desired.

First Julian Bugier who, on Sunday, announced to the Parisian to drop the 6 pm – 8 pm slice. Then Pascale Clark, who revealed the news on Twitter, “unsurprisingly but with sadness”, and especially “no reason given”. And, as we wrote on Thursday, June 3, Anne Roumanoff was notified of the end of her show earlier this week.

“There is today a double stake, answers Constance Benqué, patron of the radio. We must both offer a re-entry system up to the presidential election thanks to a robust and differentiating grid, but also rationalize costs. All the more so since we currently have a discrepancy with incomes accentuated by the crisis. “Thus, for the leader, no controversy in sight on the departures.

Julian Bugier? He had to, by his own admission, devote himself to the 13 Hours of France 2. Pascale Clark, who hosted “En balade avec” every Sunday? “The economic data for the weekend was bad: little publicity and low audiences. So it’s his show that stops. “As for Anne Roumanoff, the president of Lagardère News explains,” unfortunately “, having had to give up” It feels good “.

“I look at each program and its potential, including economic, in the medium and long term,” she defends herself. Are other stops to be expected? “There are ongoing negotiations, as with all radio stations,” says Constance Benqué. But there will surely be more departures, yes. “

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Matthieu Belliard in the hot seat

According to our information, several animators are in danger. Starting with Matthieu Belliard, the morning man from Europe 1 for three years, clearly in the hot seat. “I hear that his departure is sealed, that he would have announced it to the teams… These are fake news. Nothing is acted, assures the director. We discuss the future with Matthieu. And no worries: if he is absent this week, it is because of a long planned vacation. Behind the scenes, however, some already imagine Sonia Mabrouk or Laurence Ferrari to succeed him, or even a co-broadcast of the morning of CNews, the news channel of Vincent Bolloré, now the largest shareholder of the Lagardère group.

Matthieu Belliard took the reins of the morning in Europe 1 three years ago. Capa Pictures/Wlad Simitch

Patrick Cohen, on the air today from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m., or Olivier Delacroix, who provides free air, are also in danger. Just like Mélanie Gomez and Jimmy Mohamed, who should see “Without an appointment” disappear. “It’s a total purge, laments a host. We don’t know who will stay… or even if there will be people left. “

The departure of some voices is even recorded, like Eva Roque. Present for nine years in various shows, the one that was heard for two years at Philippe Vandel has decided to leave the station. According to our information, she will join France Inter this summer to host “Summer like never before”, from 9 am to 10 am throughout the month of August.

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Worrying confidential figures

Behind these many changes in the grid, some see the shadow of Vincent Bolloré whose influence would weigh on the grid for the next school year. “Personalities are guaranteed to be there on a Benqué grid. But nothing is certain with Bolloré… ”, estimates a competitor. “Not at all,” retorts the current director. The choices made are those of Arnaud Lagardère. It is with him that I discuss, and no one else. To date, the statutes are unchanged. There will be a general meeting with a change of shareholding at the end of June but there is no interference at all from CNews. “

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Especially since the motivation of management can also be found on the side of the hearings. The last intermediate and confidential figures reached to management are worrying. Europe 1 is credited with less than 2.5 million listeners daily, flirting with its lowest levels ever. “Obviously, in this context, changes are necessary, recognizes a personality of the station. But it remains brutal and especially at the last moment. “

In this sea of ​​uncertainties, however, a few have been given assurances to continue. Thus, Christophe Hondelatte will continue to tell his stories in “Hondelatte tells”, broadcast on the air since 2016. Same thing for “Historically yours”, hosted by Stéphane Bern and Matthieu Noël since the beginning of the last school year. But the transfer window is well underway …

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