Carteron: Al-Ahly may top the league while we are not playing.. Delays make his task easier

Patrice Carteron, coach of the first team at Zamalek club, confirmed that he did not ask the administration to address the Football Association to postpone any match before, despite the pressure of the team’s matches in the last period before the league stopped, due to his respect for the league and cup schedule that was established by the Football Association..

And Carteron said in official statements: “I asked the club to address the Football Association to postpone the clearing match only in the cup because it came at a difficult time, and I think that the league match schedule was wrongly set.”

He added, “There are many voids in the league table, and the opposing team will play several postponed matches in the coming period and may return to the top at a time when Zamalek does not play the same number of matches. And Zamalek wants to achieve justice by not playing the team for any matches until Al-Ahly fights its postponements.”

And the French continued: “The Egyptian League witnessed the establishment of two seasons in a period of only one and a half seasons, and therefore the current season was pressured due to Al-Ahly’s refusal to cancel the last season because of its desire to crown the title, at a time when most clubs wanted to cancel the competition.”

He commented on Zamalek playing 6 more matches than Al-Ahly in the league this season, saying: “We did not succeed in collecting all the points in those matches, but Al-Ahly may face teams that have no motives at the end of the league and this may make the opponent’s task easier.”

He concluded: “The irregularity of the league does not give Zamalek an opportunity to participate in the African Champions League and the Arab Championship together. The Arab Championship is a great opportunity for the club from a financial point of view, especially since the strongest teams in Africa are the Egyptian teams and in Asia the Saudi teams are the lucky ones to win the championship.” .

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