Carry on pants: tips, tricks and ideas |

Carry on pants: tips, tricks and ideas |

Anyone who doesn’t want to give up their favorite pair of pants after gaining a few pounds of weight can continue their pants. With a few tips and tricks, you can even do it at home.

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Carry on pants: Here’s how

It’s a well-known problem: pants that used to fit perfectly are suddenly too tight. Whether it’s due to weight gain, pregnancy or simply shrinking in the dryer – there are many reasons why pants suddenly no longer fit. But before you banish your favorite pair of pants to the closet or even throw them away, there are some tips and tricks on how you can continue to make your pants fit again.

  • An easy way to make a pair of pants a little wider is to stretch them. You can lay the pants on a chair and then stretch the waistband with a belt or ratchet strap. You can also try stretching the pants with your hands by pulling on the sides or waistband. It works better if you moisten the trousers with warm water beforehand. However, this measure is only suitable for trousers that are slightly too small.
  • A pants expander is a useful tool to widen a pair of pants. It consists of an elastic band that attaches to the buttonhole and widens the waistband of the pants. For this trick, be sure to wear a shirt or sweater that’s long enough so that your cheating doesn’t get noticed.
  • The application of one works in a similar way hair ties. Thread the hair tie through the buttonhole on one side and tighten it into a loop with the other end of the elastic. Now just attach it to the button and you’ve gained a few centimeters.
  • If you’re not sure how to continue making your pants yourself, you can take them to a tailor. A tailor can help you fit your pants perfectly. For example, you can increase the waistband or shorten the legs.
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Young woman puts on her tight jeans in bed

If you want to continue your pants, you don’t have to part with your favorite pieces. imago images / Peter Widmann

Carry on pants: What are the alternatives?

Sometimes nothing helps and the pants just don’t want to sit anymore. If your favorite trousers are tight at the waistband and legs and are no longer comfortable, there are other options.

  • If you can no longer wear the pants, there is an option to donate them to charities that collect clothes and give them to those in need. However, make sure that the trousers are not torn and have been washed beforehand.
  • You can also upcycle the pants and turn them into something new. For example, you can cut them into shorts or skirts, or create chic handbags or purses with a little creativity.
  • If the pants are still in good condition, you can also sell them online or at a flea market.

Old jeans in a new look: Exciting upcycling ideas

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