Carrefour starts a new path with the cashierless supermarket that it has opened in Dubai and that follows the example of Amazon.

After self-checkout machines, some supermarkets have been talking about the possibility of mounting establishments where there are no employees at the checkout, where everything is fully automated. One of the best known examples is found in the Amazon Go, but there are more and more people interested in this business perspective.

Carrefour is a supermarket that usually has checkout boxes in which the customer is in charge of passing the products through the reader and the payment process. This giant has also now opened a new establishment of this type, with no employees in sight.

The news has been made known through LSA Commerce Connecté: Carrefour has opened a Cashless supermarket in the Mall of the Emirates located in Dubai. The operation is what we already know from previous cases.

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The first thing the client must do before accessing is install a supermarket application on your mobile and associate an account number. Without this previous step, you will not be able to enter the purchase space.

Once inside, a monitoring system has been implemented with artificial intelligence that analyzes the situation of the more than 1,300 products available to know which ones the customer takes, or leaves later on the same shelf. As in any supermarket, all kinds of food are sold, from fresh to the most basic in every home.

When the customer leaves the premises, you are automatically charged the amount of the products in the account that you have associated with your application. As can be seen, these are the usual steps in these businesses, although the viability of this system has not yet been verified, only promotional messages have arrived about it.

We do not know if these types of supermarkets without employees will eventually expand over time, although it is a good example of how machines can destroy jobs. Then in the hand of each client will be to choose a supermarket model or another.

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