Carolina and Hugues Pouget, custodians of the traditions and excellence of Maison Mazet de Montargis

Entering the Praslines Mazet shop, rue du Général-Leclerc, in Montargis, is touching a piece of French gastronomic history. Prasline is, in fact, considered the oldest candy in France. And since 2016, Maison Mazet has been a “Living Heritage Company”, a label that salutes the longevity and excellence of the oldest French confectionery, “To the Duke of Praslin”, resumed, in 1903, by Léon Mazet.

Since March 2020, Benoit Digeon, grandson of Léon Mazet (and current mayor of Montargis) having wished to pass on the torch, this heritage is in the hands of Carolina and Hugues Pouget. “It is an immense pride and a real responsibility”recognizes Hugues Pouget, who is keen to perpetuate the soul of the house.

Work on the products, and on the packaging

The pastry chef, who has worked alongside the greatest chefs and who is founder of the house of Hugo and Victoras well as his wife, herself a chef, wanted to combine novelties and tradition, and carried out, for many months, a double work: on new products, but also on the packaging.

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What if we learned to bake at the Factorie Mazet in Montargis?

For this, they immersed themselves with happiness and curiosity in the rich archives of Maison Mazet, finding the delicate Art Nouveau decorations of the Belle Epoquethe colors used over the decades, the inspirations, the old labels…

“We started with almond blossom, old coats of arms and we took up the beautiful blue of Maison Mazet. We really wanted to keep this traditional side“, emphasizes Hugues Pouget. “All graphics were taken by hand”adds Carolina Pouget who, before learning cooking in New York, studied Fine Arts and was a decorator.The new boxes are inspired by the historic decorations of Maison Mazet.

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Seven new recipes

Work on the containers, but also on the contents: Hugues Pouget thus imagined seven new recipes for coated almonds, including one with milk chocolate, one with peppermint, another “veggie”, with vegetable milk…

The chef, who was crowned French dessert champion in 2010, has also created sixteen new chocolate bars, made with “the finest cocoa beans in the world”.

The launch of these new products was slowed down by the Covid health crisis, but today Carolina and Hugues Pouget are happy buyers. Happy to cultivate contemporary flavors and recipes in Paris, at Hugo and Victor, and to watch over the centuries-old tradition of Montargis praslines.

Pascale Auditeau



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