Carmen Villalobos puts on a tight Mexican outfit and sings as Ángela Aguilar

carmen villalobos

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Carmen Villalobos has caused a sensation on Instagram with actor Gregorio Pernía. The Colombian actress and famous actor got into the skin of Angela Águilar and Christian Nodal to imitate them singing “Tell me how you want”, the popular theme of Mexican interpreters.

Dressed in mariachi costumes, she in red and he in black, the actors performed part of the artists’ famous theme. They even recreated one of the song’s phrases with a bouquet of roses.

This post so far has over 342,000 likes and over 4,000 comments of the fans who have reacted to this funny moment starring both Colombian actors.

“How many takes did it take for them to do this without cracking up?”“I love the changing rooms and you even more”, “I love them, the best thing Telemundo did was to bring them back together in a production” and “Pair of beautiful, such a beautiful friendship they have” are some of the comments that can be read in the Instagram post.

Carmen Villalobos has captivated her thousands of fans with the dances she has shown on her Instagram profile. The Colombian actress recently showed her dance steps when trying to perform the challenge of the song “Envolver”, which the Brazilian singer Anitta popularized in the world due to the sensual movements that she makes of her by resting her feet and her hands on floor.

However, he did not finish the dance because he “ran out” of his waist, in a video that was a joke for his followers.

In addition, on another occasion he was seen dancing with Sebastián Martinez and wagging his tail to the rhythm of the music.

Together with these two Colombian leading men, the actress stars in “Until death separates us”, a new dramatic production that will be broadcast by Telemundo.

“And this year my name will be … Very happy to finally present this great project to you! UNTIL MONEY SEPARATE US. I feel very honored to star in this story. – the second of the great Fernando Gaitan! I hope you enjoy it too much. Until the silver separates us is a RCN Television production for @canalrcn and @telemundo, ”said the actress when confirming her participation in this project.

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