Carmen Lomana surprises with a mini set of crochet by Bimba y Lola

Carmen Lomana surprises with a mini set of crochet by Bimba y Lola

Carmen Lomana has brought summer to Instagram with her latest publication on social networks. The socialite has spent the game wearing a crochet outfit that has made us envy a couple of things. We like many things in Carmen Lomana’s style, starting because It has more than demonstrated that age is not an impediment to adapting all the trends to our way of dressing.

The 74-year-old businesswoman has surprised us on many occasions with transparencies and dares with the mini cut. Although she defines her style as classic, the truth is that the way she dresses is very sophisticated and she always manages to capture all the spotlights with her looks.

This time it has not been different. Social networks have exploded when they saw Carmen Lomana with a set of mini crochet from a Spanish firm that has made us wish more than ever for the arrival of summer and good weather.

Carmen Lomana with mini crochet set

The comments when seeing the photo of Carmen have not been long in coming and, if the majority agreed on something, it is on the spectacular physique of the socialite. Lomana can boast of having a perfectly toned body at 74 years old and wearing this type of clothing like nobody else. Another of the great achievements of the businesswoman’s style is that she inspires us with her looks regardless of how old we are.

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The crochet set that Lomana has worn, is made up of a long-sleeved top and shorts, they are made of Bimba y Lola from her 2015 summer collection and we have seen it on several occasions to the celebrity. We will be waiting for the new collection of the Spanish firm to see if they launch a similar one.



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