Carmen Geiss grants a look into her closet and shows her shoes. Her huge collection of kicks shocked even her followers.

“That’s all too much” – millionaire Robert Geiss finds clear words in his wife Carmen’s latest Instagram video. The 56-year-old has a “small” problem in her shoe cupboard: Carmen has way too many shoes!

You don’t believe how rich the Geissens really are

In a post on Instagram, the celebrity blonde gives a glimpse into her dressing room – her dressing room. And one thing strikes the millionaire couple: they have too many kicks.

“What a shame”

“I mean, we have too many,” sums up Robert Geiss. “Definitely! Oh shame”, his wife Carmen also has to admit. “What should this ‘dressing’ look like where it can all go in?”

The 56-year-old writes about the post: “Maybe I have a few shoes too many. But Robert definitely too.” Neatly lined up and sorted by color, Carmen presents countless treads.

Protz-Davina shows luxury SUV, Rolex and Vuitton bags

But Robert Geiss’s shoe collection is also impressive. In addition to countless shoes, Carmen also has mountains of handbags. In any case, the fans are shocked by the sight.

“That’s sick”

“Everything dust collector, a huge mess. OMG” or “That’s sick … looks like shopping addiction”, can be read under the comments.

For other users, however, the shoe collection is “a paradise” and another user sums it up when she says: “You never have too many shoes … just too little space.”

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