Carlos Sainz suffered the fracture of two vertebrae in the Dakar

Sport Sainz has fractured vertebrae T5 and T6.

Carlos Sainz suffered the fracture of two vertebrae during the dispute of the Dakar Rally 2023, which he had to abandon after a serious accident in the ninth stage. Suffering from severe back pain, the pilot went to see the specialists after returning to Madrid, which revealed the injury.

“On my return to Madrid, the pain in my back after what happened at the Dakar Rally has persisted longer than normal. Following the doctors’ recommendation, I have undergone additional tests to be able to accurately assess the extent of the injury” , Explain Sainz in a statement sent Monday.

“Unfortunately, the results have not brought good news, since I have fractured vertebrae T5 and T6. The positive note is that both vertebrae are stable and from today my priority will be to recover as soon as possible”, he added.

During the Dakar 2023 dispute, Carlos Sainz suffered two serious accidents. The first of them was around kilometer 200 of the sixth stage of the rally, where he suffered a six-meter fall after overcoming a dune.

Although Sainz and his co-driver, Lucas Cruz, were able to continue in the race after repairing the car’s suspension, their teammates, Stéphane Peterhansel and Edouard Boulanger, withdrew due to the latter’s back injury in the same place. Stéphane doesn’t even remember what happened in the accident, which demonstrates the harshness of it.

Four days later, Sainz and Cruz suffered another severe blow, at the start of the ninth stage, when they rolled over in a dune. Initially, the doctors recommended transferring the Spaniard to the hospital, but Carlos wanted to continue in the race to try to continue adding kilometers of experience for Audi and try to win another stage. Unfortunately, the car could not be repaired.

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Back home, after the back pain did not disappear, it was discovered that Sainz suffered this injury after the strong impact. Speedy recovery Carlos!



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