Carlos Loret de Mola: The complete story of the King of Huachicol (III)

For Sergio Carmona El Rey del Huachicol, the gateway to Morena was in his native Tamaulipas with the current governor-elect Américo Villarreal. The catapult that gave him national scope and made him a central financier of the party in power was Ricardo Peralta, first in Customs and then in the Interior. So you read it in previous installments of these Reporter Stories. Today, the next step in Carmona’s meteoric career: to embed himself in the national structure of Morena through the national leader, Mario Delgado.

According to the same government and party sources consulted for this column, Peralta and Villarreal, as well as the Tamaulipas Morenoite Erasmo González, acted as a link between the King of Huachicol and Mario Delgado, when he aspired to be the national leader of Morena, in June 2020. Carmona promised to be generous and said that he was, that he had contributed something like 5 million dollars, and that it was a good investment because it gave him access to 15 campaigns for governor a year later, in 2021. His idea: a 3-to-1 return on contracts when they win. And so, according to testimonies that have been collected by different sources, he contributed more than 800 million pesos to Morena’s campaigns in the country, plus another 300 million only for Tamaulipas, his state, and Nuevo León, where he lived (the latter has been referred to by several media outlets, in which trips by morenista officials in Carmona’s private planes and even cash deposits to the son of today’s governor-elect Américo Villarreal have also come to light).

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The informants reveal that for the electoral-financial operation in favor of Morena, Carmona and Undersecretary Peralta set up an office in the sought-after Paseo de las Palmas in Mexico City. They say that Marina del Pilar, Layda Sansores, Indira Vizcaino, Salgado Macedonio, David Monreal and many more passed through there. The mission was frozen due to internal disputes in Morena and jerks that involved the Ministry of the Interior.

The King of Huachicol was not discreet in showing off his closeness to the party, the government and the National Palace. The millions and the planes were for everything. There are unconfirmed versions that some of these meetings were videotaped. In less than four years, he managed to climb from timid state influence to being the favorite patron in the whole country. It seems that it was too much. And too fast.

Sergio Carmona Angulo, known as the King of Huachicol for his business of smuggling fuel across the border, was executed in November of last year, in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, while he was getting a haircut. That day the cameras on the street or in the barbershop did not work. The same day of his murder, some of his relatives denounced that their residences and offices had been raided: computers, disks, files were taken. President López Obrador continues to boast as an achievement of his administration that he managed to end the huachicol.


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