Carlos Alcaraz vs Arnaldi online, live today |  How is the US Open 2023 match going?

Carlos Alcaraz vs Arnaldi online, live today | How is the US Open 2023 match going?

Carlos Alcaraz – Arnaldi: live match of the US Open 2023
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  • Carlos Alcaraz the round of 16 match of the US Open 2023 versus Italian Matthew Arnaldia theoretically inferior player and against the one who seeks the pass to the quarterfinals in the tournament of Grand Slam which takes place in New York. Follow live and direct, minute by minute, everything that happens in the meeting of Carlos Alcaraz at the US Open.

    6-3, 6-3, 6-4. VICTORY FOR CARLOS ALCARAZ!!

    Carlos Alcaraz prevails with sufficiency, quality and clarity over Matteo Arnaldi and seals his pass to the quarterfinals of the US Open 2023. A definitive break confirmed the victory of the Murcian, who awaits Alexander Zverev or Jannik Sinner in the penultimate round of the tournament.

    6-3, 6-3, 5-4. Alcaraz will subtract to win

    He had a 15-30 Matthew Arnaldibut alcaraz He returned to his best version from the net to save his serve and place himself just one game away from sealing his pass to the quarterfinals of the US Open 2023.

    6-3, 6-3, 4-4. Alcaraz cannot finish

    There was no break, although there were opportunities to Carlos Alcaraz. Matthew Arnaldi it endures again and the contest continues, approaching a decisive stretch that is already inevitable.

    6-3, 6-3, 4-3. Alcaraz waves his wand

    The Spanish player is giving an authentic volley show, who has an unreal touch in this area of ​​the field. blank set for Carlos Alcarazwhich is only two away from victory.

    6-3, 6-3, 3-3. Arnaldi resists!

    He resists and refuses to grant an advantage that can be definitive on the scoreboard. Matthew Arnaldi carries out the sixth game of the set despite the attacks of Carlos Alcaraz and maintains the tie on the scoreboard.

    6-3, 6-3, 3-2. Alcaraz turns it around

    Mentally very strong Carlos Alcaraz He complies with his service and takes the lead in the third set, for the moment without a break, although it could come now.

    6-3, 6-3, 2-2. RECOVER THE ALCARAZ BREAK!

    He tried everything, but the level of Carlos Alcaraz is unsustainable for Matteo Arnaldi, who raised two break points but on the third time sees how Alcaraz retaliates and loses the advantage acquired in the previous game.

    6-3, 6-3, 1-2. BREAK OF MATTEO ARNALDI!

    relaxed Carlos Alcarazas it already happened to him in the same instances before Harris and Evans, and Matthew Arnaldi He takes advantage of it to get a break, blank, which is the first of the game for him. He skips the upset in the third set.

    6-3, 6-3, 1-1. Arnaldi keeps fighting

    The Italian’s attitude was very good, surpassed in tennis but not in tenacity, giving 100% and enduring everything so that the result is not as bulky as alcaraz search.

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    6-3, 6-3, 1-0. Alcaraz dominates in the third

    The third set begins like the previous two, with dominance of Carlos Alcarazwho this time with the serve surpasses Matthew Arnaldi.


    second break to Carlitosthis one with suspense, in the second set and again a 6-3 that goes up to the score, to leave the Spaniard, far superior to Matthew Arnaldijust one set away from the quarterfinals of the US Open 2023.

    6-3, 5-3. Alcaraz wins with certain doubts

    Possibly, in his worst service game, alcaraz roll experience to get ahead against a Arnaldi that he is beginning to believe it. With everything, Carlos he is one game away from closing the second set.

    6-3, 4-3. Arnaldi keeps adding

    It’s not enough to cough up alcarazbut Matthew Arnaldi keep adding games in this second set and keep the way open as long as a break comes now.

    6-3, 4-2. Far superior Carlos Alcaraz

    Arnaldi is trying but Carlos Alcaraz He has one of those days in which he is extremely comfortable on the track and everything works out for him. He is number one and he is showing it. Extreme quality from Murcia.

    6-3, 3-2. Arnaldi raises the level

    Good arreón from the Italian, who is trying to finish the points in the net so that Carlos Alcaraz don’t outbid him on trades. At the moment it finds revenues, even if it is at the service.

    6-3, 3-1. Alcaraz takes out the wand

    Knowing his superiority, Carlos Alcaraz He has taken out his entire hitting palette to make dizzy Arnaldi on the track. Power and sensitivity with the maximum balance. Guaranteed magic.

    6-3, 2-1. Arnaldi doesn’t laugh

    First game that goes ahead Matthew Arnaldi in the second set. It will not be easy for the Italian, who despite everything is leaving everything on the table of the US Open in his debut at the center.

    Everyone hallucinates with Carlos Alcaraz

    the talent of Carlos Alcaraz makes no one want to miss their live performances. The actor Ben Stiller and his friend and NBA star, Jimmy Butlerlead the list of celebrities in the stands.

    Brutal! Even Jimmy Butler hallucinates with Alcaraz.#LaPistaDelTennis #USOpen

    — Tennis at Movistar Plus+ (@MovistarTenis) September 4, 2023

    6-3, 2-0. Overwhelming Mastery of Alcaraz

    Carlos Alcaraz he has fun on the track and is starting to drop a lot of carat points. Now, he maintains his service with a left-balloon sequence of the house.

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    6-3, 1-0. Alcaraz starts with a break!

    Spectacular Carlos Alcarazwho is playing like the big stars and breaks the serve of Matthew Arnaldi just start the second set. The difference in level is noticeable between the two.


    Blank and without granting the slightest option, Carlos Alcaraz win the first set of their round of 16 duel of the US Open 2023 ante Matthew Arnaldi. 6-3 for the defending champion.

    5-3. Arnaldi stays on set

    We arrived after half an hour of the meeting, without much history beyond the break of alcaraz a Arnaldi that makes the difference. Now, the Italian is solid against number one, who relaxed a bit before serving to win the first set.

    5-2. Alcaraz triumphs with serve and right

    Another game of service for the pocket of Carlos Alcaraz. Playing indoors rewards the power of the Spaniard, before whom nothing is being able to do an effort Matthew Arnaldi.


    Carlos Alcaraz breaks, on the third attempt, the service of Matthew Arnaldi. A lot of acceleration from the Spanish tennis player, superior on paper and now also in the match.

    3-2. Another game of Alcaraz to serve

    It is true that he has already committed two double faults, but Carlos Alcaraz is prevailing with his serve, showing a power superior to that of Arnaldi, who at the moment cannot threaten with break options in the game of US Open.

    2-2. Arnaldi continues solid

    Matthew Arnaldi He has his plan clear. Take out with a high percentage and try to win with his right hand. At the moment, he is giving them returns to, at least, tie against Carlos Alcaraz.

    2-1. Keep sending Carlos Alcaraz

    The Spaniard was very solid, who dropped two points but kept his serve to make it 2-1 on the scoreboard against Matthew Arnaldi. This is the line to be followed by Carlos Alcaraz.

    1-1 Arnaldi responds with merit

    Matthew Arnaldi overcomes an unfavorable 0-30 and, with four consecutive points, manages to maintain his service and put the tables on the scoreboard against Carlos Alcaraz.

    1-0. Alcaraz starts winning

    lost a single point alcaraz in his first service game. He meets Carlos, who wants to start by breaking the serve. Arnaldi.


    The duel of the round of 16 of the US Open 2023 between Carlos Alcaraz and Matteo Arnaldi. Service for the favourite, the Spanish, number one in the ATP ranking.

    It rains and the game is played indoors

    The day of US Open, at least so far, will be played indoors due to the rains that fall in New York. The duel between Carlos Alcaraz y Matthew Arnaldi It will therefore be played in indoor conditions.

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    Carlos Alcaraz Arthur Ashe, central defender, jumps onto the track US Open, to play his round of 16 match against Arnaldi. An ovation from the public, although a large part of it is still in the outskirts and will enter the track in the next few minutes.

    What time does Carlos Alcaraz’s game start?

    The round of 16 match of the US Open which will measure to Carlos Alcaraz already Matthew Arnaldi will start around 7:40 pmafter its predecessor at the Flushing Meadows plant has already finished, the first match of the day on Monday that faced Madison Keys and Jessica Pegula, with a victory for the former by a clear 6-1, 6-3.

    Alcaraz, against the unknown Arnaldi

    Carlos Alcaraz is measured in the round of 16 of the US Open to Italian Matthew Arnaldiyoung and emerging tennis player who will sneak into the top-50 of the ATP for the first time at the end of the tournament. alcaraz acknowledged not having seen too much of his rival today in the US Open 2023although he maintains the utmost respect for a tennis player who is, like him, four games away from the title in New York.

    How tall is Carlos Alcaraz?

    Despite being one of the most powerful players on the circuit and with practically unmatched shots in this regard, Carlos Alcaraz He is not one of the tallest players and measures, according to official ATP data, 1’83 metros Tall. Regarding the weight, alcaraz reaches up to 81 kilos.

    When is the US Open final?

    The final del US Open 2023 is scheduled for Sunday, September 10, the day on which the successor in the list of champions of the tournament of Carlos Alcaraz. The Spaniard himself is still alive in the draw and is one of the favourites, along with Novak Djokovicto date three times champion in New York, and others like Daniil Medvedevwinner in 2021.

    Who is Matteo Arnaldi, Alcaraz’s rival

    He rival of Carlos Alcaraz in the US Open 2023 es Matthew Arnaldia player born in Italia 22 years ago (2/22/2001) and who is facing his best result in a Grand Slam tournament with these round of 16. Among his characteristics, his versatility stands out, his height is somewhat higher than Alcaraz’s –1.85 meters– and his backhand is two-handed. Arnaldi He reached the US Open as number 61 in the ATP ranking.

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