The Buenos Aires Minister of Health and the Secretary of Health Access recommended outdoor social gatherings if necessary (REUTERS / Agustin Marcarian)

The Secretary of Access to Health, Carla Vizzotti, pointed out that if someone has the need to meet friends or family in the midst of social, preventive and compulsory isolation, “It is much better” to do it in a park respecting the recommended security measures than to do it inside a house without a mask.

This Tuesday, within the framework of a gradual relaxation of the quarantine in the City of Buenos Aires, the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós, recommended to the population that, if there is “an urgent need to meet someone” in the midst of the quarantine, “safe alternatives” are sought like “going for a walk in public spaces” and not getting together, instead, “to eat in a house”.

Vizzotti endorsed Quirós’ recommendation regarding the meetings but stressed the importance of complying with preventive measures to reduce the risk of contagion. “What we know without a doubt is that time is important. Also the environment, because if it is closed it increases the risk, and the intensity of the activity, because it is one thing to be dancing, screaming or sneezing than talking. And the other is two meters away, “explained in dialogue with the journalist Luis Novaresio in Radio The Network. “All of this directly impacts risk”.

The Secretary of Access to Health pointed out that it is “much better” to meet friends in a park than in a house

“If someone has to meet friends, especially in the areas where they are authorized, it is much better that they meet in a park two meters away without sharing beer or mate, for 15 or 20 minutes to get together. in a house in a closed environment without a mask “, stressed the official. “That is described. This is without a doubt, “she added, indicating that the alternatives depend” on each of the jurisdictions. “

“We invite everyone, if you have an urgent need to meet someone, that they stand two meters away and go for a walk together at night as everyone has the right to do ”, Quirós had said this Tuesday during an interview with the channel TN on the measures that apply in the City.

In this sense, Vizzotti expressed that “It is better that they go out in that authorized activity in the allowed time and take advantage of that meeting, than that there is a clandestine meeting in a house, where you end up spending more time and if you have to eat something or drink something, you do not have the mask on”.

Asked about how they imagined in the ministry that the pandemic would come, the person in charge of the daily reports of the Health portfolio on the coronavirus said that on March 19 there was “a clearer picture” of what was going to happen but on December 10 there was “a completely different plan” for this year.

“Although we hope that the tension will drop in the AMBA soon, there are habits that we will have to maintain until there is a vaccine,” said Carla Vizzotti (REUTERS / Agustin Marcarian)

“No country in the world imagined that this would happen. Most of the pandemic viruses, of the new coronaviruses that emerged in Asia and the Middle East, had been controlled. But when it passed to Europe with the intensity it had, we knew that it would impact the region of the Americas and from the perspective of a new virus that affects humans and is transmitted from person to person with this facility and without vaccination and treatment. we knew it was going to be long“He explained

Vizotti also pointed out that “it is very difficult to explain and transmit it” but that “We have to think that the fact that it is long in Argentina is because we did not have the overflow of the health system that we had in other countries and that is good. It better be long. “he remarked. “It is difficult, it requires enormous effort, perseverance, resilience, solidarity, empathy and that look of not underestimating. Although we hope that the tension will drop in the AMBA soon, there are habits that we will have to maintain until there is a vaccine”.

“It doesn’t happen to us, it happens in the world. It is an unprecedented situation worldwide. Even the countries that have passed the most critical moment have not, because there are sprouts all over the world. What happens is that when there is an increase in traffic and people gather, the virus spreads faster. It is difficult but there is no other way to stop the transmission, “he concluded.


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