Carl Zeiss Jena secures the second division championship at RB Leipzig

RB midfielder Marie-Luise Herrmann had given 500 allowed fans at Leipzig Cottaweg early from free positions (9th / 18th), her teammate Johanna Kaiser also shot a long shot just past the left (41st). In addition, FCC attacker Julia Arnold failed in the best guest opportunities by head (20th) and Lupfer (40th) to RB goalkeeper Gina Schüller.

But then Breitenbach’s treacherous corner fell out of the air just before the goal line, captain Anja Heuschkel irritated Schüller and unlucky Larissa Schreiber, who reacted too late and deflected the ball from her thigh into her own net (43.). A draw would not have been enough for the Jena women, now they were back on track.

Coach Anne Pochert’s team also survived the repeated run-up to the Leipzig in the second half – not least thanks to goalkeeper Laura Kiontke, who was in the best mood for over 90 minutes – before permanent substitute attacker Nelly Juckel completed an ice-cold counterattack in the final phase to make a decision (88.) . While Jena crossed the finish line with two points ahead of pursuers FSV Gütersloh (33 points), the RB women (26 points) finished their season in third place.