Because of attempted murder, two 29-year-olds had to answer at the regional court in Klagenfurt on Monday. The men are accused of placing and detonating a bomb on the door of the ex-wife of the first accused on October 1, 2019. The 27-year-old survived the explosion, but was seriously injured. The trial was adjourned until Tuesday.

In her indictment, prosecutor Tanja Wohlgemuth described in detail how the crime happened. The couple’s first happy marriage broke up after six years, and the 29-year-old was always aggressive. There was a violent custody dispute over the son, who is now eight years old. Finally, the man decided to kill the 27-year-old to collect the life insurance that he had taken out for his wife in 2017 without their knowledge.

Promised accomplices 100,000 euros

He turned to his best friend, the second defendant – both men were formerly employed by the army, the ex-man’s accomplice even on the day of the crime. The ex-husband had promised his accomplice 100,000 euros for his cooperation – because he had financial worries, he finally agreed. The two built a “test bomb”, which they detonated in a forest in summer 2019.

Bomb placed in front of apartment

On the day of the crime, the two men drove the bomb to Guttaring (St. Veit an der Glan district), where the 27-year-old lived in an apartment building. They put on wigs, covered the number plates on the car and separated: The ex-husband took a position near the apartment, he had a remote detonator for the bomb. His accomplice placed the bomb on the doorstep – in an Amazon package with the woman’s address label – and rang the bell at the 27-year-old’s.

Explosion: woman suffers severe burns

“I had a strange feeling when I got outside the door,” said the 27-year-old, who still has extensive burn scars, at the trial on Monday. She poked the package with one finger and it started to smoke. The woman ran away, but was hit by the detonation wave. She suffered severe burns, lay in the intensive care unit for days and had to be operated on twelve times. Only with luck, the prosecutor said, did the woman survive: on the one hand because the ignition was delayed, and on the other hand because she still managed to escape a few meters away.

Ex-husband: “Just want to scare them”

The ex-husband played down the act several times in his interview. “Nobody should have been hurt,” he said, and the woman shouldn’t have even walked out the door. “I just wanted to scare her. It should only have clicked so she could think about what she was doing,” he alluded to the custody dispute. The bomb – filled with black powder, gasoline and lead bullets – should have exploded like a “New Year’s box” that can be bought in the shop. In general, he only ordered the components; his accomplice assembled them.

Accomplice: Murder attack planned

His friend’s statement was completely different. He confirmed that he should have received 100,000 euros for his cooperation. A murder attack was also definitely planned: “It was agreed that he would detonate the bomb when the woman picked it up.” He regretted his deed and also denied that he had built the bomb: “I don’t know anything about this at all.”

Child porn discovered on mobile phone

More than 300 files containing child pornography were found on the cell phone of the 29-year-old main defendant. Judge Lutschounig dismissed this accusation from the proceedings – the accused had a special explanation for it: he found the child’s porn on the mobile phone of a partner and only “saved” it.

Judgment expected on Tuesday

The trial was adjourned until Tuesday, when the verdict is due. In addition to testimony, three expert opinions are planned: a medical expert should provide information about the injuries to the woman, an explosives expert about the structure and explosive power of the bomb. And a psychiatric expert should also have a say – the public prosecutor has requested that the ex-husband of the victim be sent to an institution for mentally abnormal lawbreakers.