Caretaker dies bitten by a Bengal tiger in Peribán, Michoacán

Michoacán.- José de Jesús, a 23-year-old young man, who in recent days was bitten on both arms by a Bengal tiger in the municipality of Periban, Michoacandied this afternoon in a hospital in the city of Morelia.

Reports indicate that the young man opposed having both arms amputated and his health condition became even more complicated, since he suffered from diabetes, which caused him a heart attack.

Relatives of José de Jesús confirmed that version and reiterated that it was his big mistake to have put his arms into the cat’s cage.

Tiger destroys keeper’s arms

THE UNIVERSAL announced this Monday that a Bengal tiger almost devoured his caregiver’s arm in the town of San Francisco, municipality of Peribán, Michoacán.

The event occurred this weekend and, in a video released by the owner of that and other exotic animals, the way in which the man puts his hand into the cage is seen.

In the recording, it is evident how the man calls the animal and begins to caress it with one hand, while with the other he feeds it.

The tiger allows himself to be groomed, while he sniffs his keeper, and then bites his arm until he destroys it and then the other.

The man was taken to a local hospital, where he received medical attention.

The owner of the animals claimed to have all the permits from the authorities to keep them in captivity and stated that he took care of the expenses of his worker.

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