Cardi B: $50,000 for her daughter’s 4th birthday


Little Kulture’s parents gave her a wad of cash for her 4th birthday.

The vast majority of children around the world receive toys, books or clothes for their 4th birthday. But Culture, whose Instagram account was made private, is not just any child. The little girl was born from the relationship between Cardi B and Offset. So when it came to celebrating her 4th birthday, her parents didn’t go to a store, they preferred to open their wallets.

On his birthday, July 10, 2022, Kulture received $50,000 in cash, as shown in a video posted by his dad on Instagram. And if the little one seems to understand that she has money in her hands, she seems a little lost when her mother asks her what it is. “It’s a ticket,” she replies, as her father points out that a ticket is worth a million dollars.

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