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A multinational certified carbon neutral by Myclimate. Philip Morris’s Neuchâtel production site received this label on Friday morning in the presence of many guests and politicians. The tobacco company immediately inaugurated its new biomass pyrolysis installation, one of the most modern in Switzerland. This system, coupled in particular with heat pumps, enables the PMI site in Neuchâtel to save 2,500 tonnes of CO2 per year, which corresponds to 60,000 trees saved.

Massimo Andolina, Senior Vice President of Global Operations at Philip Morris International:

This pyrolysis system uses a very specific process as explained by Massimo Andolina:

Many multinationals are singled out for their lack of respect for the environment. In this context, Philip Morris is one of the good students. The Neuchâtel site will also be a pilot site to equip other PMI group companies around the world with the same technology. Massimo Andolina:

The cantonal authorities and the municipality of Neuchâtel welcomed on Friday morning the will of Philip Morris to strive for a reduction in its carbon emissions, starting with the site of the cantonal capital. A challenge that must be played out at all levels of society. Laurent Favre, President of the Neuchâtel Council of State:

Among the guests at the inauguration of the pyrolysis installation and the presentation of the neutral carbon certification, were several elected Neuchâtelois in Bern, including the Green States Councilor Céline Vara, who praised the efforts of Philip Morris:




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