Austria. The share of alternatively powered cars in new registrations rose to 44.2 percent in September 2021.

Cars with electric drives or hybrids are often referred to in statistics as cars with “alternative drives”. However, the statisticians will soon have to come up with a new name: The vehicle type is about to achieve the majority of new registrations in Austria.

That would actually make it mainstream, and gasoline and diesel vehicles would have to be described as alternatives in the future. However, only when it comes to the new vehicles: the old stock of vehicles is of course still predominantly on the road in the classic way.

The Electro September

  • In September 2021, according to Statistics Austria, 17,864 new passenger cars were registered, 19.4% fewer than in September of the previous year and 15.1% fewer than in September 2019.
  • Declines in new car registrations were observed above all for diesel (-60.7%; share: 18.3%) and gasoline cars (-23.8%; share: 37.5%), while new registrations of alternatively powered cars have continued to increase.

“Alternative drives are still on the advance. In September 2021, 7,896 new cars were registered in Austria that were not classic combustion engines. The share of cars with alternative drives in all newly registered cars was 44.2%. That is higher than the proportion of newly registered gasoline-powered vehicles and around twice as high as the proportion of diesel-powered cars, ”said Statistics Austria Director General Tobias Thomas.

The brands and the vehicle types

  • The ten most important car brands were led by VW in September 2021 with a share of 13.4%, followed by Skoda (share: 7.6%) and Hyundai (share: 7.4%).
  • Compared to September 2020, Kia (+ 20.4%), BMW (+ 20.2%) and Opel (+ 10.3%) recorded gains. There were declines for Mercedes (-34.9%), Ford (-32.1%), Skoda (-31.3%), VW (-25.5%), Audi (-17.9%), Hyundai (-16.2%) and Renault (-10.5%).

In September 2021, more agricultural and forestry tractors (+ 44.4%), trucks (HGV) class (class) N1 (+ 41.3%) and articulated vehicles (+ 7.4%) were newly registered. There were fewer new registrations for trucks class N3 (-46.1%) and trucks class N2 (-36.4%).

New registrations of mobile homes fell by around a third (-37.5%). A decline in new registrations was also observed on the two-wheeler market with 2,034 motorcycles (-22.5%) and 1,185 motorcycles (-21.2%) in September 2021.

The total number of new motor vehicle registrations fell by 12.3% to 27,964 compared to September 2020. Compared to the pre-crisis month of September 2019, this corresponds to a slight increase of 0.7%.

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