Captured doctor linked to the Medellín Health Secretariat accused of sexually abusing his patients

/ Taken from the Metrosalud website

It was learned that the Metrosalud doctor, Diego Humberto López Loaiza, was captured this Wednesday morning, when he was in one of the Centro Día offices, for being accused of abusing two patients last year at the Centro de Salud. Salud Manatial de Vida, located in the Blanquizal neighborhood, in the northwest of Medellín.

As reported by the authorities, they captured him, because he is being investigated for the crime of sexual abuse against a minor and a surrogate mother. These women will be receiving medical care.

It is noteworthy that the doctor was linked to an investigation initiated in the Valle de Aburrá Provincial Attorney’s Office, for which he was transferred to work in which he had no contact with women. That investigation began on February 27 and he assured that he “tends to make effective the special and prevailing nature of the rights of children and adolescents.”

At the hearing, the 13th Criminal Judge of the Medellín Circuit legalized the capture and the hearing is already underway to determine whether or not to detain him in a prison center.

It should be remembered that there are several cases that have come to light regarding sexual abuse by health professionals, one of them is that of Alexandra Peña, mother of the victim, a 26-year-old girl, who is a patient with mild mental retardation, is deaf and suffers from epilepsy, who was apparently a victim of sexual abuse.

Peña was hospitalized at the Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Clinic since December 28, 2021, due to a depression crisis. According to her family, the social workers at her hospital took her out of the institution, without her mother’s consent, and transferred her to her home.

“The doctor put my daughter in the bathroom, started beating her on the back, on her legs, punched her in the nose and broke it. She could no longer defend herself and her guy grabbed her and penetrated her, ”the victim’s mother told Caracol Radio.

And she added that “”Mom, they raped me, a doctor raped me in the bathroom, he beat me, he put a handkerchief to cover my mouth,” the young woman told her mother.

To this is added, the one that appeared in a mental health hospital in Bogotá, where a nursing assistant was denounced for allegedly having sexually abused more than 20 patients. This is Jorge Enrique Pérez Castro assigned to the Mental Health unit of Hospital La Victoria, which is located in the town of San Cristóbal.

Some of the victims were minors and took advantage of sedation and medication to commit abuse. Additionally, some hospital officials had previously denounced that this person had inappropriate and strange behavior, but the corresponding decisions had not been made by the directives, arguing lack of personnel.



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