In just three days, candidates National deputies for the City of Buenos Aires will compete in legislative elections will debate in the one of you, the cycle led by Marcelo Bonelli and Edgardo Alfano. How do you make it Maria Eugenia Vidal (Together for Change), Leandro santoro (Front of All), Javier Milei (Freedom advances) and Myriam Bregman (Left Front and Workers-Unity) to cross hand in hand with this this Wednesday October 13.

María Eugenia Vidal: two-way competition with Santoro and Milei

Former Buenos Aires legislator, Minister of Social Development of the City of Buenos Aires, Deputy Head of Government and Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires: “María Eugenia has years of experience in management and is very calm waiting for the debate”, They pointed out from the campaign team of the candidate of the first candidate on the list of Together for Change. “It will have a very proactive profile, with the ideas of the different sectors on our list,” they added.

In the last stretch of the campaign for the September PASO, Vidal, generally more “moderate” than other sectors of the opposition coalition, began to harden the speech. Opposite, the former Buenos Aires president does not have only Leandro Santoro, perhaps one of the most “moderate” leaders of the Frente de Todos: he also competes with Javier Milei for a portion of the shared electorate.

Before PASO, María Eugenia Vidal participated in the A Dos Voces space program (Photo: Capture TN)

In addition to criticizing the economic and health management of the national government – comparing it with the Buenos Aires management -, Vidal will try at the same time demonstrate that “the only force capable of stopping Kirchnerism in Deputies it is Together for Change ”.

It also prepares to respond to “Inevitable dart”: her return as a candidate for the City of Buenos Aires, after four years as Buenos Aires governor. “We hope it will be a debate of ideas and not a shouting show,” they said near Vidal.

Leandro Santoro will try not to confront in the debate, but prepares for a blow for blow

In the environment of Leandro santoro they reject the word “coacheo”. “He is preparing a lot, studying the subjects a lot. There is not ‘coacheoWe do not use that tool, but we do work with a political team, part of the team in the Legislature, people from the campaign, people who work with him and people who contribute from outside, with data and information checks on specific or technical issues “, They point out near the Buenos Aires legislator.

One of the blocks of the debate consists of an exchange of questions and answers between the candidates. The first to ask will be the candidate of Together for Change, María Eugenia Vidal. In Santoro’s campaign team they have a certainty: the question will go to him. Before the debate, the candidate will carry out a simulation and a discussion with his collaborators on the issues to be discussed on Wednesday.

The Buenos Aires legislator of the Frente de Todos and candidate for national deputy in the City of Buenos Aires, Leandro Santoro (Photo: Télam).
The Buenos Aires legislator of the Frente de Todos and candidate for national deputy in the City of Buenos Aires, Leandro Santoro (Photo: Télam).

We are going to face it from a propositional perspective, nothing from the negative or the aggression. In line with the “yes” of the campaign. The intention is to get Argentina up and running and that is the idea to convey. What we have to do is propose because Leandro is a candidate for national deputy, not chicanery, which is very common in debates, ”says a member of his campaign team.

Like María Eugenia Vidal, the liberal candidate Javier Milei may well put that strategy to the test. “Obviously we are going with that plan, but then there is the concern that, for example, Milei could say anything. If we have to answer, we will answer. We have all the tools to respond to any of the three forces. We have it in mind ”, they conclude near Santoro.

Javier Milei, entrusted to hand-in-hand at A Dos Voces: “It’s going to have fun”

Last Wednesday, a week after the Capital Debate, the order of exposure that the candidates and possible crossovers will have was raffled in the TN studios: Javier Milei will be in charge of closing the night: “He was not worried about how the draw turned out, he is very confident”, They assure in the campaign team of the economist.

“We understand the importance of the debate and we are very happy to participate, but we do not put the campaign aside, we continue with the journey. Javier you are working with an ad honorem technical team, but very calm”, They add.

Javier Milei in A Dos Voces (Photo: TN capture)
Javier Milei in A Dos Voces (Photo: TN capture)

The liberal candidate is no stranger to the heated discussions on television channels. According to his spokesmen, in the last two years he was the economist with the most air minutes on TV. Milei will seek to show that María Eugenia Vidal, Leandro Santoro and Myriam Bregman have been part of politics for years and “He is the only one different.”

“He is very used to the times, to teaching, to the media, it will surely be very entertaining, it will have fun”, They anticipate.

Myriam Bregmam: a weekend of preparation for the debate

The candidate of the FIT-Unidad, Myriam Bregman, made a good choice in the PASO and aspires to get a seat for the left in the City after many years. In these days leading up to the Capital Debate, prepares with a team of leftist leaders, led by Christian Castillo, sociologist, teacher and former deputy from Buenos Aires, who is the coordinator of the campaign of the Socialist Workers Party (PTS) in the FIT Unit.

We are going to take advantage of the weekend, trying to focus on what is most important to us: our proposals, our projects and our ideas. We had a campaign towards the PASO empty of content, where it cost a lot to discuss proposals. That is our main challenge towards the debate, ”Bregman told

Myriam Bregman, candidate for national deputy of the FIT-Unidad in the City of Buenos Aires
Myriam Bregman, candidate for national deputy of the FIT-Unidad in the City of Buenos Aires

The candidate will try show that Together for Change and the Front of All end up voting together in the City: “It is a debate that has a particular characteristic: Together and the Buenos Aires PJ fight a lot on television but then they agree in the Legislature to vote on the main laws,” anticipates the candidate.

Order of the lecterns and shifts of exposition: how the Capital Debate will be in A Dos Voces

From left to right, the lecterns They were organized, by lottery, as follows: Leandro Santoro – Myriam Bregman – Javier Milei – María Eugenia Vidal.

First, candidates will have a free minute to make your “opening presentation”. The first to speak will be Myriam Bregman, followed by Leandro Santoro, then María Eugenia Vidal and finally Javier Milei.

From there, the order will be running one place in each section. That is, in the next round, Bregman will be the last to expose and Santoro will be the first.

The “Thematic Axes”, the time for each candidate to explain and the minute of reply

After the initial presentation, the debate by thematic axes, which are three.

  • First topic: Institutional Quality, Security and Justice.
  • Second theme: Economy, education and work.
  • Third topic: Health policy in pandemic.

In each of the three themes, each candidate will have 1:30 minutes to explain their visions, 1 minute to reply to answer comments made by others, and finally there will be 6 free minutes of discussion between the candidates. In those 6 minutes, there is no established order: Marcelo Bonelli and Edgardo Alfano will moderate the discussion, but the candidates must impose their voices.

Block of questions and answers and the moment of closing in the Capital Debate

In this space, candidates will be able to ask each other questions. The order was set, and the representatives of the candidates accepted it, by the number of votes obtained in the September PASO elections. Therefore, María Eugenia Vidal will be the first candidate to ask.

Vidal will be able to choose any of the other three candidates and will have 30 seconds to ask him a question. Whoever receives the question will have 1 minute to answer it. Vidal will be able to cross-examine for 30 seconds: the “questioned” candidate will have another minute to answer.

All political debates take place in "the one of you", the TN program.  (Photo: TN)
All the political debates are made in “A Dos Voces”, the TN program. (Photo: TN)

Next, following the order of the results of the STEP, Leandro Santoro will have his opportunity to ask. However, there is one rule: You will not be able to ask one of the candidate Vidal asked a question before. In other words, if the Juntos por el Cambio candidate asked Javier Milei a question, Santoro should ask Vidal or Myriam Bregman. The methodology is repeated with each of the candidates.

As at the beginning of the debate, the candidates will have at the end a closing minute that they can freely use to say what they want. In this segment, the first to speak will be Leandro Santoro, followed by Myriam Bregman, then María Eugenia Vidal and, who will close the debate night in TN it will be Javier Milei.


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