The Cape Verdean government decided to sell, by public auction, 13 apartments and houses of the State, in the city of Praia, leased and that “do not serve” to install public services and in view of the costs for their management.

The authorization for the sale of these properties, in the neighborhoods of Achada de Santo António, Palmarejo and Cidadela, was approved by the resolution of the council of ministers 105/2020, of July 27, to which Lusa had access this Wednesday, involving nine apartments and four houses.

These are properties leased to third parties and which, given their nature, areas, locations and access conditions “were considered unnecessary for the installation of public services”, reads in the same resolution, which came into force on Tuesday .

In the State Budget in force, approved in December, the Government planned to collect 90 million escudos (813 thousand euros) this year from the sale of civilian residences. However, that amount drops to 18 million escudos (163 thousand euros) in the proposed Amending Budget law for 2020, drawn up due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and which this week is going to the final vote in parliament.

In the budget still in force, the government planned to raise just over 11 million escudos (100 thousand euros) with income from state buildings throughout the year, but this forecast drops to around 8.5 million escudos (77 thousand euros) ) in the budget review.

The governmental resolution of July 27 explains that the State has faced “some inconvenience with regard to the management of its real estate assets, which requires the availability of high financial and human resources”, thus justifying the need to “remove obstacles and create legal conditions for the sale of properties ”, a process to be carried out by the central services of State Heritage, through a public auction.