It is a non-profit project that bases its gameplay on the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3.

The Resident Evil saga has had several remakes in recent years that, in addition, have been quite well accepted by the public, to relive these adventures not only with technical improvements, but with interesting playable additions. Even so, Capcom has many installments left that have not been renewed in a certain way. Many of them are highly requested by fans, so some have decided to take “justice into their own hands” and create unofficial remakes by hand: this is the case with Resident Evil Code Veronica.

A group of fans have begun to use the necessary tools to work to relive one of the most beloved adventures of Capcom’s survival horror saga. For this they have been inspired by remakes de Resident Evil 2 y Resident Evil 3, and under that aspect they have adorned a previous version of the game, which you can see in action in the following video.

And not only that, since you also have available for your download totally free and thus check the progress first hand. Obviously, it is in development and made by fans, but the result is more than excellent and has nothing to envy the work done by Capcom. You can see more details on the website of this fan project, who have reimagined and adapted the adventure.

Obviously, this is a project in which Capcom has no relationship and there is no commercial purpose. A way to compensate that the Japanese publisher does not dare at once to make a remake of one of his most beloved installments; in fact, Code Veronica has been trending recently because of fan requests that Capcom turns a deaf ear to.

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