Cannes gossip – Twelve crazy days told in less than 10 minutes


Both in Cannes to cover the festival, journalists Sophie and Marine met a few times to share their experiences… rather different.


Marine Guillain and Sophie Zuber, Cannes

For her first festival, Sophie dreams of seeing stars on the Croisette. Regular, Marine meets them every day, between two films …

1. “You will breathe the same air as Virginie efira

Barely arrived in Cannes to cover the festival, Sophie and Marine are already in competition. While one struggles to see stars at the foot of the stairs, the other spends his time in dark rooms. Will they find common ground?

2. “Oh the bitch, she’s on the steps!”

After a few days of hard work chasing the scoops and interviews, Sophie and Marine take stock of their first week. The competition between the two journalists has gone up a notch. Will they be able to override?

3. “Tired of these steps under this tiaffe”

While the Cannes Film Festival gradually wears them out, Marine and Sophie find themselves faced with a difficult dilemma: whether or not to do without their press officer, who is somewhat insistent. Will they manage to find a compromise?

Guest stars: Anaïs Demoustier, Noomi Rapace

4. “You are less beautiful than you seem”

Mass has been said. The Cannes Film Festival is over. Alone on the sand, eyes in the water, their dream was too good. Marine and Sophie meet for the last time, at the time of the assessment, after twelve days of temptation. Will they leave together or separately?

Guest stars: Kad Merad, Virginie efira

Nota bene: “The gossip of Cannes” is part of a series of humorous videos. And if some scenes of life are true, others were purely invented for scriptwriting purposes.

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