Cannabis components prevented infection of human cells with covid-19 virus

Cannabis has components that prevent the SARS-CoV-2 virus from penetrating human cells, according to a study published in the Journal of Nature Products.

Oregon State University researchers explain that there are two components in cannabis that have the potential to fight the virus: the cannabinoid acids known as CBGA and CBDA.

These two elements were identified during a chemical screening and, according to the study, bound to protein spike present in the virus e blocked the stage at which infection occurs.

The effects of cannabis components were tested against alpha and beta variants in the laboratory. And while there is the possibility that variants resistant to the components may emerge, Richard van Breemen, responsible for the study, believes that vaccines combined with acids will make infection more difficult.

In an interview with VICE, Richard van Breemen clarifies that the purpose of this investigation was to realize that natural products can help humans fight the virus.

However, these elements of cannabis they have not been tested on people, nor are infection rates known between those who use the components and those who do not. Incidentally, it is not smoking cannabis that prevents infection, explains the Forbes.

Richard van Breemen explica que o heat changes the composition of the identified acids, so they are not “activated against the virus”.

The researcher says that one of the ways to consume the components would be through a food supplement, like gummies. However, it explains that Most cannabis on the market does not contain these two acids, that is I wouldn’t do anything to prevent covid-19. AND if smoked, it will never work.

Furthermore, It is not yet known whether these components produce the same effects. To Forbes, Patricia Frye, a doctor and cannabis expert, explains that “what happens in a test tube does not always translate to what happens in animals or humans”, such as it is not known” if the[s] acid[s] prevent infection”.

The doctor also says instead of cannabis I would recommend the available treatments that already exist for covid-19.


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