Cannabis as corona medicine? US study gives hope

In the search for active ingredients against the corona virus, US researchers examined various plants – they found what they were looking for in cannabis. Still, they don’t recommend the daily joint.

Two active ingredients in cannabis plants have proven effective against infection with the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. This is reported by a research team from the University of Oregon in the USA. The molecules cannabigerol and CBDa would bind to the spike proteins of the virus and thus prevent the pathogen from penetrating human cells, the researchers write in the science magazine “Eurekalert”. The study has already been reviewed by other experts.

“Cannabigerol and CBDa are abundant in the hemp plant and in many hemp extracts,” the magazine quoted study leader Richard van Breemen as saying. However, cannabigerol only occurs in the plant during the growth phase, while CBDa is converted into CBD by heating – so the daily joint or hash cookie is not a way to protect yourself against corona infection. Instead, cannabigerol and CBDa would have to be extracted from the plant using specific processes.

Licorice could also work against Sars-CoV-2

“These are not psychoactive substances like the banned THC and they are very safe in the human body,” the researchers write in their paper. “And the investigation has shown that they are effective against different variants of Sars-CoV-2.” The substances were tested on the alpha and beta versions. “We hope that the results will also be confirmed against other variants such as Omikron.”

For their study, the researchers also examined red clover, wild yam, hops and liquorice in addition to cannabis. They also found a molecule in liquorice that can bind to the spike protein. “However, we have not yet tested licochalcone A on the living virus. We need new research funds for this.”



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