Candidates do not debate public policies in education

Candidates do not debate public policies in education

I subscribe to the criterion that the “education system is in crisis”, however, this fact cannot continue to be justified by blaming the outgoing government. Of course, the political and economic crisis that affects our country has displaced the in-depth analysis of the crisis in the educational system, an analysis that should not be diluted in the simple statement of a general crisis, since, in addition to being a primary responsibility of the State, it is a right of all Ecuadorians.

Pedagogues and other actors recognize the need to promote a process of true educational reform, which tends to train men and women for the new society; to prepare a human contingent with critical and self-critical capacity, with aesthetic sensitivity and artistic creativity, willing to eradicate the scourges of the past, to bury racism, discrimination and oppression; to objectively understand and interpret our history; to contribute to the defense of sovereignty and the construction of a fairer Ecuador.

In the electoral campaign stage, we not only have to savor the quaker with lemon verbena that the candidates offer us; Nor can we believe all the demagogic propaganda that the National Electoral Council replicates. Today it is up to us to make a judicious analysis of the proposals and whether they contribute to the solution of the serious problems that affect the country. Things related to security and the fight against corruption are urgent. But no less important is the educational issue.

The candidates emphasize the trite phrase of improving the quality of education, without debating or saying what the public policies to be implemented in this matter will be. It is up to society, universities, parents and teachers to provoke such a debate so that presidential candidates discuss the educational issue during the campaign and then, whoever wins the Carondelet contest, makes education a shield against poverty and insecurity in the streets, giving it the place it deserves due to its importance for the development of the country.

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Let’s see: Luisa González proposes to “guarantee universality and free public education system”, which is already established by the Constitution, she also indicates that “it will eradicate digital illiteracy and improve infrastructure and technology in education”, surely as they did before, or that is, doing the opposite.

Meanwhile, Daniel Noboa states that “he will prioritize digital methods through the use of pedagogical technologies”, he also proposes “technical education to increase the direct inclusion of young people in the labor market”, that is, creating a cheap workforce for large employers. .

Neither one nor the other proposes solutions, therefore, the teachers must convene to demand from the two candidates, at least, the repeal of the disastrous Regulation of the Organic Law of Intercultural Education, approved behind the scenes with the support of a small group of opportunists who They profit from the rights of the teachers and the people.

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