Cande Ruggeri sent a strong warning to his father Oscar: “I make the cross”

Cande Ruggeri spoke with us in the morning y threatened her father, Oscar Ruggeri with withdrawing his greeting in case he is not present on the day of delivery.

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The model had reacted in the worst way after the former soccer player leaked the news of the pregnancy, which caused her not to greet him for Father’s Day.

If he missed my birth because he was playing soccer, I’ll cross him. The birth is between December and JanuaryCande said.

In addition, she added that her family has been active in her sister’s pregnancy, but that she prefers a calm climate. “My sister’s last ultrasound we all entered, and everyone asks me when the next echo is, and I tell them I don’t know because I don’t want everyone to be in the echo”, said the model.

Cande Ruggeri’s anger

Last weekend the news broke that Cande Ruggeri is going to be a mother, after her father, Oscar, announced it on the air.

But the model still did not want to share the news, so she ended up angry with the former national team soccer player. In dialogue with us in the morningthe influencer told the details of her pregnancy and what she told her father when she told the news.

I didn’t greet him for Father’s Day, it was hilarious. On Friday you could see that he was there whether she said it or not. He said ‘I’m going to be a grandfather’, then he regrets it. He is very happy, I knew it more than a month ago, I understand, but it was my decision“, assured before adding:”I didn’t tell him happy day, I have a gift that I didn’t give him“.



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