Cancellation culture catches up with Batman

The networks are on fire for the issue of censorship that has been applied to a sex scene between Batman and Catwoman in an episode of the animated series’Harley Quinn’, which was released by DC Comics and Warner Media for an adult audience. We are not going to talk about the news (that story can be read on this site), but to explore the implications of this, and its failure in context; that is, the culture of cancellation is going too far, going to these extremes and if there is censorship involved this already borders on the conservatism that political correctness ostensibly sought to combat.

Let’s start from the fact that Bruce Wayne, or Batman and Selina Kyle, known as Catwoman (O ‘Gatubela‘for the Spanish-speaking market), have historically been —for more than 80 years— an explosive couple of fictional characters (let’s emphasize the word “fictional”, by the way) that have a relationship of passion and animosity that has transcended decades. Even in fiction (repeat: “fiction“), have had – in various versions – various types of relationships, including a marriage and the birth of a daughter, Helena Wayne (who, in the parallel universe in which she exists, becomes the superhero The Huntress, who is the female version of her father).

Batman and Catwoman have always been an explosive couple in DC comics. (Courtesy DC Comics / Warner Media)

All this, for the readers of the saga, is canon. Including the fact that (and please don’t blush or be shocked by what’s next) on a rooftop in Gotham City one night, Batman practices what is known as a cunnilingus a Catwoman. This action was replicated in one of the episodes of ‘Harley Quinn’, in which both characters appear as recurring support to the famous anti-heroine and ex-wife of the Joker, and they have the same ‘affair’ that they had in the comic version drawn by Jim Lee in which it occurs.

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However, the controversial scene no longer appeared and it is due to the pressure arising from various groups that have asked in networks to censor this type of action in animated programs and in comics, considering them sexual violence and harmful to the public (!).

But, let’s stop for a second: in the case at hand here, it’s about a consensual sexual encounter between two adults who have an intimate relationship and they practice it together, this without neglecting that are imaginary characters and situations, and that the animated series (not acted) It is directed to and transmitted by a channel dedicated to an adult audience.

The culture of cancellation, which has been acquiring momentum in recent years, he has been losingin our view) a certain proportion in your claims, reaching exaggeration.

This is not the first time Warner has been pressured thus: 8 months ago it was demanded that it be canceled and omitted from the new movie of ‘Space Jam‘to the (very minor nowadays) character’Pepe LePew‘, an animated skunk who was accused of’ promoting and normalizing sexual harassment ‘in cartoons created by the late and celebrated animator Chuck Jones in the 1950s and ’60s.

The skunk was deleted from the movie (this at substantial cost) and now, the sex scene between Batman and Catwoman has been suppressed. What’s going on? It also happened that all the scenes that alluded to lesbianism among Amazons in ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘were’ cut out ‘like allusions to a sexual relationship between Superman y Lois Lane on the tapes of Zack Snyder about the Man of Steel.

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There are enough terrible things in the world (which should be criticized and canceled), so that the intimate relationships of imaginary adult characters worry us or should be eliminated. That they are setting a (alleged) bad example? About what? How can you have a satisfying sexual relationship while also being a superhero?

This type of censorship is inadmissible. And if it continues like this, very soon there will be no going back, plunging us into a world of extreme conservatism, and much will have been lost: even the sexual freedom of the imaginary characters.


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