In Canada, as elsewhere, it is generally considered that feeding bears is a very bad idea. For buying so much food (apples, carrots, pears and several dozen eggs) and giving it every week to bears near her home in the summer of 2018, a woman from Whistler, B.C., in has paid a high price very recently: a fine of 60,000 Canadian dollars (nearly 45,000 francs), report local media.

The woman, herself a vegan and a big fan of wildlife – her generous donations to various animal welfare organizations attest to this – found the surrounding plantigrades too thin. She worried about their fate. His campaign had been successful: up to five of these plantigrades had been observed on his land.

The judge who pronounced the sanction because of the habituation of the bears to human food and the associated risks, recalled that her good intentions did not excuse her gesture. She noted that the ban on feeding bears was widely publicized and regretted that the action of the inhabitant had an unfortunate side effect: a mother and her two cubs had to be shot by wildlife officers.

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