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Smell of death: can we really perceive it? The answer has nothing to do with the supernatural, but with science

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When it comes to death and mortality, concern looms. Even doubt, in fact: we often ask ourselves what death really is, what comes after and similar and similar questions. Sometimes science is not enough, and so we proceed alone, with our thinking, when it is enough.

It is no coincidence that long pages of philosophy and criticism. But the answer we sometimes give can only be partial and unsatisfactory. Especially when it has to be admitted with a certain taste for the macabre, we ask ourselves when it will happen to us and how. Some say that when our time has come, it is felt in some way. Now science seems to be taking this path, confirming it as right. The smell of death, in a nutshell, would really be felt.

Smell of death, can we really smell it?

If the beauty of the future is that it is uncertain and like a blank page gives us all the possibilities in the world, science tells us that we can even guess something about the future. And this something is there presence of death. It’s not about clairvoyance or special superpowers, but about something much more physical.

It is a matter of naso. In fact, let’s not forget that as animals, perhaps in an unconscious way, we still use the sense of smell. Our nose, responsible for receiving chemical stimuli from the outside, would be able to pick up the smell around a rotting corpse.

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In particular, the person responsible for this alarm will the putrefaction released by the natural decay of amino acids that occurs after death. But what happens to our body when this molecule is in the air?

The amygdala gives signals from danger: the most natural action is escape. But why? The explanation is in the animal instinct. A corpse in the vicinity means the possible presence of a predator, so you will definitely have to run away. Furthermore, a corpse can infect us on a bacteriological level. Not a health walk.



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