Can I exercise if I have Covid and I am asymptomatic?

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With the increase of COVID-19 infections throughout the world, this is largely due to the emergence of omicron variant, one of the most recurrent questions is whether or not it can be done physical activity when you have mild coronavirus or is it asymptomatic.

Despite having no serious symptoms, experts in sports medicine advise citizens infected with coronavirus pause your exercise routines so that the body remains at rest.

“When one has a viral picture, in general, it is because defenses are down, although each organism is different, it is advisable to give the body some rest. We are not talking about a rest from being in bed, we talk about not demanding it and being prudent”, Mentioned the cardiologist and sports scientist Norberto Debbag for the media Infobae.

How many days should you stop exercising if you have COVID-19?

According to American College of Sports Medicine, people with an infection with minor symptoms should rest for at least 10 days; while for people who present a cuadro asymptomatic they are recommended rest for seven days.

After overcoming the infection, doctors suggest that before doing any sports routine or practicing any discipline, a stress test, a electrocardiogram and a echocardiogram to rule out any complications.

Advancement of the pandemic in the world

According to the site Our World in Data, in the world they accumulate 310 million COVID-19 cases, while 5.5 million people have died due to the virus that emerged two days ago. The same site details that the average number of infections in the last seven days is 2.5 million cases.



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