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Can I be vaccinated against influenza and Covid-19 at the same time?

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The answer is yes, according to the Haute Autorité de Santé. In its opinion of 23 August last, the HAS had proposed the co-administration of vaccines against influenza and against Covid-19.

In its opinion of last September 27, the HAS confirms that the two injections at the same time, does not involve any danger. Concomitant injections are even advised “to fight against the two epidemics”.

In practice, it will therefore be possible for vaccinators to perform these two injections on the same day, “but at two separate vaccination sites – one vaccine in each arm”, recommends HAS.

If you cannot receive these two doses at the same time, be aware that there is no time limit between a flu vaccination and that of Covid-19.

“This rule also applies to any association between vaccines against Covid-19 and other vaccines in the vaccination schedule”, specifies the health authorities.

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