UAn experimental chewing gum with a protein that retains Covid-19 particles may reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2 by reducing the viral load in saliva. This is the conviction of a study by a group of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, published in the scientific journal Molecular Therapy and cited by Reuters.

The chewing gum, with a totally conventional flavor, has a protein (ACE2), which is found on the surface of the cells, which the virus uses to invade the cells and then infect them.

In laboratory experiments using saliva samples taken from swabs taken from infected individuals, the researchers found that virus particles bound to ACE2 receptors on the chewing gum. This caused the viral load in the samples to drop by more than 95%.

The researchers ensure that the gum can be stored at room temperature for years and that the act of chewing does not damage the ACE2 protein molecules.

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