Campi Flegrei earthquake today 16 March 2022

The earthquake at 3.14 pm on March 16 of magnitude 3.5 with its epicenter in the Solfatara of Campi Flegrei aroused great concern. Many took to the streets out of fear, especially in Pozzuoli and in the districts west of Naples, Bagnoli and Fuorigrotta. No damage to people or things, but the shocks due to bradyseism are becoming more and more frequent.

Seismic swarm

“The Vesuvian Observatory has informed us that the seismic swarm is still in progress and that so far 25 earthquakes with a maximum magnitude of 3.5 have been recorded. The list of events located with a magnitude greater than 1 and falling within the Solfatara-Pisciarelli area is the same as the previous press release. Further updating will follow. In consideration of the above, the Municipal Administration together with the Civil Protection of the municipality of Pozzuoli continues to closely monitor the evolution of the seismic swarm and will provide subsequent updates until the phenomenon in progress is concluded “, says Vincenzo Figliolia, mayor of Pozzuoli, in a note.

“Future variation may lead to a different evolution of the parameters”

“The volcanic activity of the Phlegraean Fields is constantly monitored by the monitoring networks of the Vesuvian Observatory, in close contact with the Civil Protection Department. The geophysical and geochemical parameters analyzed indicate the persistence of the trends recorded in the previous months”, explains Francesca Bianco , director of the Vesuvian Observatory of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (Ingv), in relation to the seismic swarm in progress. “At present, no elements are highlighted that would suggest significant short-term evolutions of the system, it being understood that any future variation of the monitored parameters (seismological, geochemical and soil deformations) may lead to a different evolution of the hazard scenarios”, precise.



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