Campazzo is still in the NBA: the details of his deal with the Dallas Mavericks

Although the offer has not yet been formalized, the point guard was at training this Monday and his arrival to the Texan franchise is almost a fact. So he will play with Luka Doncic again.

While the NBA going through its preseason and preparing in a few days for the start of 2022-23, the news coming out of the United States is the best for Argentine basketball. Although not yet formalized, Facundo Campazzo will continue his career in the best league in the world as a Dallas Mavericks player.

The news exploded after the experienced American journalist Marc Stein confirms that the Texas franchise He was in advanced talks with the Cordovan to add him to its ranks. So, the chance of a meeting between Campazzo and Luka Doncic -with whom he shined Real Madrid– awakened the illusion of many. The news that came from the United States was finally confirmed by the base’s representative, Claudia Villanueva. “We are just waiting for the offer“, he insisted in dialogue with UCU Radio.

Facundo Campazzo

At the same time from some Spanish portals They confirmed that the option of returning to Real Madrid was not open and that even the Argentine rejected a major offer from Fenerbahce – there is talk of 10 million euros for three years – to follow his dream in the NBA .. Today, the same portals woke up to the news of the “total agreement” between Campazzo and Dallas.

Although the offer must be formalized on paper, the truth is that the agreement is for one season in exchange for two million dollars. So Campazzo will meet with Doncic and join the ranks of one of the strongest teams in the Western Conference who reached the Conference Finals in the last season, for example in which they were defeated by the eventual champions, Golden State Warriors.

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this monday, Campazzo was present at the training Dallasand the team’s coach said: “He’s been hanging around here (training camp), so we’ll see what happens. Hopefully we’ll have news tomorrow.”so his presence in the NBA during this season is practically a given.

The video of Facundo Campazzo in the Dallas Mavericks training


The video of Facundo Campazzo in the Dallas Mavericks training

Facundo Campazzo and the important advantage he will have access to upon his arrival with the Dallas Mavericks

Apart from sports, there is an additional reason that can be seen as another incentive Facundo Campazzo prioritize your continuity in the NBA over stronger economic offers in other countries. is it the Cordovan He has already played two seasons in the American League and, if he adds one more game in his third year, he will have immediate access to the NBA’s lifetime pension benefits..

Since 1965, the NBA has a lifetime pension system for the players who have played at least one game per season for three seasons. Put more simply: after playing three games in three years, one in each season, the player is already entitled to the benefit.

Facundo Campazzo and Luka Doncic

What is the amount of the life pension? For a veteran who has played all three seasons in the NBA, this represents about $56,988 per year that he can collect starting at age 62. On the other hand, a player with a decade of experience in the best league in the world can earn more than 200 thousand dollars.

The pension is not the only benefit as the same plan also includes the right to receive up to $30,000 annually in reimbursements for college tuition and career transition programs, Designed for the post-retirement stage of basketball players. Likewise include health coverage that reaches their partners and children.

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