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It still looks technicalh looks worlds worse, as the own engine trailer 3 years ago: that has nothing to do with it.
Halo Infinite – E3 2018 – Announcement Trailer
cross gen here, cross gen her … that can compete in the smallest of ways with the ingenious forza Horizon 5. Whether textures, density of the game world, object details.

Have you ever seen an engine trailer that looked like this 1: 1 in a finished game?
I hardly do anything because there is more to a complete game than in-engine material.
Is there a game that already looks like the Unreal Engine 5 demo?
No, because there is more to it than showing an open world including opponents.
There are PC with UE4 and now UE5 also enough Drmos that show realistic forests etc. But you don’t get it 1: 1 in the finished game and you need a bit more hardware power than PS5 and Series X deliver. Not to mention entry-level PCs with lame HDDs.

I’ve drawn FC 6 to Series X and PC with 2080ti for several hours now. No, technically the game is certainly not impressive. Apart from the Far Cry streaming jerk when driving around, where the whole engine stalls even with a strong CPU. Stuck in the CPU limit. That HD textures on the PC need more than 12GB because otherwise after 30-60min sometimes low-res will be faded in. Lighting system at night also not impressed and AMD Raytracing Lite is also not true because most of it is still displayed with SSR.
With the right lighting, the game looks good with nice foresight, but also not next gen. Especially the character models.
Better game that doesn’t stop or get problems with textures when driving around and flying. On PS5 and Xbox not even in normal gameplay which can hold 60fps most of the time.


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